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CreteDefender, Inc.
1890 Star Shoot Parkway
Suite 170-176
Lexington, KY 40509
(877) 830-6008
(859) 448-3043
  • CreteDefender™

CreteDefender, Inc.

CreteDefender manufactures and distributes concrete protection products to the commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, and retail markets worldwide. Our flagship product, CreteDefender, provides permanent protection to concrete from freeze/thaw damage, salt and de-icing chemicals, sulfates, and other chemical agents, without changing the appearance or slip resistance of the concrete. CreteDefender increases the durability and allows you to keep concrete surfaces safe without sacrificing aesthetics. Thoroughly tested and in use for over 17 years on everything from shopping center sidewalks to interstate bridge decks, CreteDefender is a fast, cost effective solution to environmental damage to concrete that never has to be re-applied.

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