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Smarter Security
110 Wild Basin Road
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 328-7277
(800) 943-0043
(512) 328-7280
  • Door Detective®
  • Fastlane®
  • Fastlane Glassgate®
  • Fastlane Plus™
  • SmarterBeam™
  • SmarterFence™

Smarter Security


Smarter Security offers premium, innovative solutions for lobby security in commercial and governmental buildings. Since 1992, the company has served the United States and now works to enhance safety and security for organizations throughout the western hemisphere.

Intelligent and elegant Fastlane® optical turnstiles protect thousands of lobbies and the brand leads the market in the Americas (per IHS Research). Fastlane turnstiles secure workplaces from intrusions by automating the process of controlling who enters a building. This reduces costs for building managers and speeds access to offices by tenants, employees and visitors.

Fastlane is renowned for its reliability and one of the industry’s longest warranties helps puts customers at ease. A big part of the Smarter Security difference is our people. We take pride in treating customers with great care and provide a high level of service from sales to support and throughout the entire time we’re part of an organization’s security.

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