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MacroAir Technologies, LLC
794 South Allen Street
San Bernardino, CA 92408
(866) 668-3247
(909) 890-2313
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MacroAir Technologies, LLC


MacroAir, the inventor of the HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fan, is dedicated to continually innovating and perfecting the world’s most cost-effective climate control solution. Their products, unparalleled in energy efficiency and effectiveness, are assembled in the USA and installed worldwide. Customers benefit from local service and customized solutions from MacroAir’s global distributor network.

    MacroAir’s four engineering principles ensure that air is moved:
  • Precisely: because the ideal airflow for the application is produced.
  • Efficiently: by moving air at the absolute lowest operating cost.
  • Smoothly: through elegant and quiet operation.
  • Infinitely: by maintaining high quality over time.

As the inventors of HVLS fans, MacroAir has personally known the product since its inception and has lead the development of the industry. Its fans are designed and tested to perform longer than any HVLS fan on the market, and its 50,000-hour warranty proves it.




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