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Total value of Alabama construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$6,995,400,266
Bid Phase:$157,488,500
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$1,978,062,339
Bid Phase:$73,287,665

Road Project Case Study in Alabama

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of road projects in Alabama are also available.

Project Overview

Estimated Value:$313,380
The cost to build roads in Alabama depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

Address:SR 3 (US 31) At Community Rd

Project Type

Building Category:Roads
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Road[s] 201A000 1 LS Clearing&Grubbing(Approximately 2 Acres)210A000 1724 CUYD Unclassified Excavation 210D012 8489 CUYD Borrow Excavation(A-2-4(0)Or A-4(0)214A000 73 CUYD Structure Excavation 214B000 11 CUYD Foundation Backfill,Local 214B001 12 CUYD Foundation Backfill,Commercial 230A000 17 RBST Roadbed Processing 301A012 1932 SQYD CABC,Type B,Plant Mix,6" Thick 401A000 193 SQYD Bituminous Treatment A 405A000 219 GAL Tack Coat 424A361 612 TON Superpave Wrg Surf 3/4" Esal C/D 424B651 216 TON Superpave Upr Bndr Layer 1" Esal C/D 424B681 596 TON Superpave Low Bndr Layer 1" Esal C/D 430B040 50 TON Agg Surf(Crushed Agg Base,Type B)502A000 1460 LB Steel Reinforcement 524B011 12 CUY Culvert Concrete Ext(Cast In Place)530A102 39 LF 24" Roadway Pipe(Class 3 R.C.)(Ext)535A002 100 LF 24" Side Drain Pipe 535A301 39 LF 18" Side Drain Pipe(Extension)600A000 1 LS Mobilization 610A004 30 SQYD Loose Riprap,Class 2,24" Thick 610D003 30 SQYD Filter Blanket,Geotextile 619A003 1 EACH 24" Roadwa Pipe End Treatment,Class 1 619A101 2 EACH 18" Side Drain Pipe End Treatment,Cl 619A102 2 EACH 24" Side Drain Pipe End Treatment,Cl 1 620A000 1 CUYD Minor Structure Concrete 630A033 468 LF Steel Beam Guardrail,Class A,Type 2(7' 630C05 4 EACH Guardrail End Anchor,Type 20 Series 650B000 738 CUYD Topsoil From Stockpiles 652A100 2 ACRE Seeding 654A001 1276 SQYD Solid Sodding(Bermuda)656A010 2 ACRE Mulching 659A000 1262 SQYD Erosion Control Netting,Class A 665J000 2045 LF Silt Fence,Type A 665L000 40 LF Floating Basin Boom 665O001 2045 LF Silt Fence Removal 665Q001 88 LF 20 Inch Wattle 666A001 2 ACRE Pest Control Treatment 672A000 3 GAL Flocculant Liquid 680A000 1 LS Engineering Controls 701B009 180 LF Dotted Cl 2,Type A Traffic Str .09"x6" 701C001 2 MILE Solid Temporary Traffic Stripe 701D008 1 MILE Solid Traffic Stripe Removed(Plastic)701G050 3728 LF Solid White Cl 2 Type A Stripe .06"x6" 701G073 6446 LF Sol Yellow Cl 2 Ty A Stripe .09" T 6" W 703A002 965 SQFT Traffi Control Marking,Class 2,Type A 703B002 23 SQFT Traffic Control Legends,Class 2,Type A 705A030 74 EACH Pavement Markers,Class A-H,Type 2-C 705A031 205 EACH Pavement Markers,Class A-H,Type 1-A 705A032 348 EACH Pavement Markers,Class A-H,Type 1-B 705A037 6 EACH Pavement Markers,Class A-H,Type 2-D 705A038 142 EAC Pavement Markers,Class A-H,Type 2-E 740B000 393 SQFT Construction Signs 740D000 50 EACH Channelizing Drums 740L005 39 EACH Vertical Panel,Type I(Double-Sided)