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Total value of Massachusetts construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$36,350,010,376
Bid Phase:$294,290,362
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Pre-Bid Phase:$1,573,122,550
Bid Phase:$231,366,947

Railroad Project Case Study in Massachusetts

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of railroad projects in Massachusetts are also available.

Project Overview

Estimated Value:$2,744,600
The cost to build bridges & culverts in Massachusetts depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

Address:Great Brook

Project Type

Building Category:Bridges & Culverts, Railroads
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Bridge[s] & Culvert[s], Railroads Construction Of A Rail Trail Including 3 Bridges (S-22-003, S-22-008 & S-22-017 Phase 1; "4.000","HA","CLEARING AND GRUBBING","101." "1.000","LS","DEMOLITION O SUPERSTRUCTURE OF BRIDGE NO.S-22-008","114.1" "9500.000","CM","UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVATION","120.1" "8.000","CM","REINFORCED CONCRETE EXCAVATION","127.1" "350.000","M","TRACK EXCAVATION","129.5" "1090.000","CM","BRIDGE EXCAVATION","140." "24.000","CM","TEST PIT FOR EXPLORATION","141.1" "10.000","CM","CLASS B ROCK EXCAVATION","144." "5200.000","CM","GRAVEL BORROW","151." "16.000","CM","GRAVEL BORROW FOR BRIDGE FOUNDATION","151.1" "210.000","CM","GRAVEL BORROW FOR BACKFILLING STRUCTURES AND PIPES","151.2" "95.000","MG","CRUSHED STONE FOR DRAIN.,REVET AND/OR W.WORKS FOUNDATIONS","156. "27300.000","SM","FINE GRADING AND COMPACTING","170." "360.000","HR","LICENSED SITE PROFESSIONAL(LSP)SERVICES","180.5" "250.000","EA","MISCELLANEOUS TESTING","180.6" "2106.000","MG","DISPOSAL OF CONTAMINATED SOIL","181.1" "850.000","MG","DISPOSAL OF TREATED WOOD PRODUCTS","184.1" "1.000","EA","CATCH BASIN","201." "2.000","EA","MANHOLE","202." "1.000","EA","LEACHING BASIN","205. "2.000","EA","DRAINAGE STRUCTURE REMODELED","220.5" "3.000","EA","FRAME AND COVER","221." "1.000","EA","FRAME AND GRATE","222." "2.000","EA","FRAME AND GRATE(OR COVER)REMOVED AND RESET","223." "215.000","M","300 MM HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE PIPE","269.300" "35.000","M","300 MILLIMETER DUCTILE IRON WATER PIPE(MECHANICAL JOINT)","303.03" "300.000","KG","DUCTILE IRON FITTINGS FOR WATE PIPE","309." "2.000","EA","300 MILLIMETER GATE AND GATE BOX","350.03" "35.000","M","300 MILLIMETER WATER PIPE INSULATION","373.03" "60.000","CM","DENSE GRADED CRUSHED STONE FOR SUB-BASE","402." "215.000","MG","HOT MIX ASPHALT BASE COURSE","420." "125.000","KL","WATER FOR ROADWAY DUST CONTROL","443." "3700.000","MG","HOT MIX ASPHALT","460." "33.000","MG","HOT MIX ASPHALT DENSE BINDER COURSE FOR BRIDGES","462." "35.000","L","BITUMEN FOR TACK COAT","464." "400.000","M","HOT POURED RUBBERIZE ASPHALT SEALER","464.5" "450.000","MG","HOT MIX ASPHALT FOR MISCELLANEOUS WORK","472." "400.000","M","SAWING ASPHALT PAVEMENT","482.3" "360.000","M","GRANITE CURB TYPE VB-STRAIGHT","506." "15.000","M","GRANITE CURB TYPE VB-CURVED","506.1" "10.000","M","GRANITE TRANSITION CURB FOR WHEELCHAIR RAMPS-STRAIGHT","509."