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Pavement Marker Project Case Study in Pennsylvania

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of pavement marker projects in Pennsylvania are also available.

Project Overview

Start Date:2007-09-01
Estimated Value:$370,516
The cost to build pavement markers in Pennsylvania depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location


Project Type

Building Category:Pavement Markers
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Sidewalk[s], Curb[s], Gutter[s], Pavement Markers Construction of safe route to school improvements that include crosswalks,sidewalks,curbs and other miscellaneous construction,all as indicate on the drawings approved for the Latrobe Safe Routes To School project in the CITY OF LATROBE,WESTMORELAND COUNTY on various locations of Ligonier Street,Jefferson Street,Lincoln Avenue,and Memorial Drive 0203-0003 Cubic Yard 50.000 01 CLASS 1A EXCAVATION C 0203-0004 Cubic Yard 620.000 01 CLASS 1B EXCAVATION C 0309-0330 Square Yard 101.000 01 SUPERPAVE ASPHALT MIXTURE DESIGN,HMA BASE COURSE,PG 64-22,0.3 MILLION ESALs,25.0 MM MIX,8" DEPTH E 0350-0106 Square Yard 710.000 01 SUBBASE 6" DEPTH(NO. 2A)C,E 0350-0120 Cubic Yard 50.000 01 SUBBASE(NO. 2A)C,E 0409-0355 Square Yard 301.000 01 SUPERPAVE ASPHALT MIXTURE DESIGN,HMA WEARING COURSE,PG 64-22,0.3 MILLION ESALS,12.5 MM MIX,2" DEPTH,SRL-L F 0491-0064 Square Yard 200.000 01 MILLING OF BITUMINOUS PAVEMENT SURFACE,2" DEPTH F3 4516-3034 Square Yard 609.000 01 Yes Adhoc ACCELERATED CONCRETE PAVEMENT PATCHING,TYPE A,10" DEPTH(MODIFIED)G1 0601-5431 Cubic Yard 5.000 01 CLASS C CEMENT CONCRETE FOR MISCELLANEOUS DRAINAGE H,S1 0601-7008 Linear Foot 38.000 01 15" REINFORCED CONCRETE PIPE,TYPE A,20'-1.5' FILL H 0605-2070 Each 1.000 01 TYPE M INLET,BICYCLE SAFE GRATE K 0605-2300 Each 5.000 01 INLET BOX K 0605-2335 Set 5.000 01 TYPE C INLET TOP UNIT,BICYCLE SAFE GRATE K 0608-0001 Lump Sum 1.000 01 Standard MOBILIZATION X 0630-0001 Linear Foot 773.000 01 PLAIN CEMENT CONCRETE CURB K 0676-0001 Square Yard 646.000 01 CEMENT CONCRETE SIDEWALK K 0686-0010 Lump Sum 1.000 02 CONSTRUCTION SURVEYING,TYPE A X 0802-0001 Cubic Yard 10.000 01 TOPSOIL FURNISHED AND PLACED C1,M 0804-0011 Pound 15.000 01 SEEDING AND SOIL SUPPLEMENTS-FORMULA B M3 0805-0021 Ton 1.000 01 MULCHING-HAY M3 0901-0001 Lump Sum 1.000 01 MAINTENANCE AND PROTECTION OF TRAFFIC DURING CONSTRUCTION Q 0901-0340 Linear Foot 1,600.000 01 4" STANDARD PAVEMENT MARKINGS,TAPE,YELLOW O2 0901-0351 Linear Foot 1,350.000 01 6" STANDARD PAVEMENT MARKINGS,TAPE,WHITE O2 0931-0001 Square Foot 24.000 01 POST MOUNTED SIGNS,TYPE B R 0935-0001 Square Foot 2.000 01 POST MOUNTED SIGNS,TYPE F R 0964-0021 Linear Foot 20.000 01 24" WHITE EPOXY PAVEMENT MARKING O3 0964-0110 Each 1.000 01 WHITE EPOXY LEGEND,"SCHOOL",8'-0" O3 9000-0001 Each 4.000 01 Adhoc INLET CAPPING H,K 9695-0001 Square Foot 654.000 01 Standard SIDEWALK DETECTABLE WARNING SURFACE,CAST IRON K 9901-0300 Hour 32.000 01 Standard FLAGGING Q1 9931-0001 Each 25.000 01 Adhoc REMOVE AND RESET EXISTING POST MOUNTED SIGNS,TYPE B R