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Pavement Marker Project Case Study in Mississippi

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of pavement marker projects in Mississippi are also available.

Project Overview

Start Date:2004-06-01
Estimated Value:Not Available (develop your own cost estimate with RSMeans Online)
The cost to build pavement markers in Mississippi depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

Address:MS Hwy 8

Project Type

Building Category:Pavement Markers, Roads
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Road[s], Pavement Markers 906:Required Federal Contract Provisions--FHWA-1273,W/Supplements 907-101-2M:Definitions 907-102-4M:Preparation of Proposal 907-103-3M:Execution and Approval of Contract 907-104-1M:Partnering Process 907-104-4M:Minor Alterations to the Contract 907-106-1M:Convict Produced Materials 907-107-1M:Material Pits(NPDES Permits)907-107-3M:Contractor's Responsibility for Work 907-107-7M:Liability Insurance 907-107-8M:Contractor's Protection Plan 907-108-11M:Liquidated Damages Table 907-108-14M:Determination and Extension of Contract Time,W/Supplement 907-109-7M:Measurement&Payment for Changes in Cost o Construction Material 907-109-9M:Measurement&Payment 907-203-1M:Excavation and Embankment 907-209-1M:Geotextile Fabric For Stabilization 907-217-1M:Ditch Line 907-223-1M:Mowing 907-225-1M:Grassing 907-234-1M:Silt Fence 907-304-7M:Crushed Stone Courses 907-401-8M:Hot Mix Asphalt(HMA)W/Supplement 907-403-7M:Hot Mix Asphalt(HMA)907-410-3M:Bituminous Surface Treatments 907-423-2M:Ground in Rumbl Strips 907-501-6M:Diamond Grinding and Grooving,W/Supplement 907-603-3M:Culvert and Storm Drains 907-605-5M:Geotextile Fabric 907-606-1M:Terminal End Sections 907-617-1M:Right of Way Markers 907-618-7M:Placement of Temporary Traffic Strip 907-618-59M:Construction and Removal of Detour Bridges 907-619-5M:Terminal End Sections 907-619-10M:Temporary Pavement Markings 907-619-11M:Traffic Control fo Construction Zones 907-625-1M:Painted Traffic Markings 907-626-6M:Thermoplastic Markings 907-627-1M:Raised Pavement Markings 907-628-7M:Cold Plastic Pavement Markings 907-699-2M:Construction Stakes 907-700-2M:Use of Crushed Reclaimed Concrete Pavement in Asphalt 907-702-7M:Petroleum Asphalt Cement&Polymer Modified Petroleum Asphalt Cement 907-702-8M:Polymer Modified Emulsified Asphal 907-703-4M:Aggregates for Hot Mix Asphalt(HMA)907-708-2M:Corrugated Plastic Pip and Drainage Tubing 907-710-1M:Fast Drying Acrylic Waterborne Traffic Paint 907-711-1M:Reinforcing Steel 907-711-2M:Reinforcing Steel 907-712-4M:Materials for Guardrail Posts 907-714-5M:Miscellaneous Materials 907-714-9M:Geotextiles 907-715-2M:Erosion Control Blanket 907-715-3M:Agricultural Limestone 907-716-1M:Miscellaneous Materials 907-720-3M:High Performance Cold Plastic Pavement Markings 907-720-5M:Glass Beads 907-720-8M:Reflective Pavement Markers&Adhesive for Pavement Markers W/Supplement 907-721-5M:Flexible Delineators 907-721-7M:Materials for Signing 907-721-8M:Reflective Sheeting 907-804-16M:Concrete for Bridges and Structures 907-815-4M:Geotextile Fabric fo Riprap 906-3:Training Special Provisions 906-4:MDOT On-the-Job Training Program