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Total value of Arkansas construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$3,353,830,818
Bid Phase:$50,800,868
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Bid Phase:$66,588,000

Park Building Project Case Study in Arkansas

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Project Overview

Estimated Value:$2,332,100
The cost to build park buildings in Arkansas depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

Address:US Hwy 65

Project Type

Building Category:Park Buildings
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Concrete Foundation, Wood Structural Frame, Brick Exterior, Other Exterior Wall Construction of Welcome Center Building Including Approx 3,000 SF for Tourist Information Areas, Exhibit Space, Seating Area, Office, Supply and Storage, Public Restrooms, Parking, Picnic Areas and All Related Facilities. Remove The Existing Tourist Information Center And Construct A Welcome Center At Lake Village,North Of The Arkansas-Louisiana Line In Chicot County. This Project Consists Of Removal And Disposal Items,Earthwork,A Welcome Center Facility,Landscaping,And Misc. Items. Routes:65 Sections:21 County:Chicot 20200 R&D Of Curb 135.000 Lf 202072 R&D Of Walks 22.000 Sqyd 202096 R&D Of Pipe Culverts 1.000 Each 202098 R&D Of Flared End Sections 1.000 Each 202153 R&D Of Luminaire Pole&Found. 1.000 Each 202170 R&D Of Boardwalk/Piers 1.000 L.S. 20217 R&D Of Buildings 1.000 Each 202185 R&D Exist. Landscaping 1.000 L.S. 202191 R&D Of Signs 1.000 Each 202218 R&D Of Flag Pole 2.000 Each 210211 Unclassified Excavation 319.000 Cuyd 210611 Compacted Embankment 3500.000 Cuyd 303107 Aggr.Base Course(Class 7)353.000 Ton 401011 Tack Coat 83.000 Gal 405151 M.A. Achm Base Course(1.5")14.000 Ton 405302 A.B.(Pg64-22)Achm Base(1.5")1.000 Ton 407152 Ma In Achm Surface(1/2")167.000 Ton 407332 Ab(Pg64-22)Achm Surf(1/2")9.000 Ton 501511 Concrete Paving 64.000 Sqyd 606020 18" R.C.Pipe Culverts(Cl.3)70.000 Lf 606803 18" Fes Rc Pipe Clvt. 1.000 Each 611006 6" Pipe Underdrains 170.000 Lf 621021 Silt Fence 542.000 Lf 621031 Sand Bag Ditch Check 10.000 Bag 621111 Sediment Removal&Disposal 1.000 Cuyd 621151 Rock Ditch Checks 5.000 Cuyd 633001 Concrete Walks 369.000 Sqyd 633024 Colored Concrete Walks 409.000 Sqyd 641007 Wheelchair Ramps(Type 4)16.000 Sqyd 802222 Retaining Wall 1800.000 Sqft 901045 Stone Construction Entrance 167.000 Sqyd 901101 Site Utilities 1.000 L.S. 901102 Site Furnishings 1.000 L.S. 901104 Maintenance Building 1.000 L.S. 901105 Welcome Center Facility 1.000 L.S. 908507 Landscapin 1.000 L.S. 908509 Exterior Area Lighting 1.000 L.S. 601001 Mobilization 1.000 L.S