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Miscellaneous Military Project Case Study in California

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Project Overview

Start Date:2003-12-01
Estimated Value:$20,000,000
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Project Location

City:Edwards Air Force Base
Address:Edwards AFB

Project Type

Building Category:Miscellaneous Military
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Military - Miscellaneous Design Build Electrical System, Design Build Fire Sprinkler System, Design Build HVAC System, Design Build Mechanical Sytem , Design Build Plumbing System Y-Two Phase Design-Build Contract for the Renovation of the Joint Strike Fighte Facilities at Edwards Air Force Base, California. A brief description of the work is as follows: A. Building 1820: Renovation of an existing hangar and administration building of approximately 135,000 square feet. The building contains two hangars of 41,000 and 33,000 square feet that will be remodeled an modernized for the testing of the new JSF F-35 fighter planes. Hangar work also includes providing high expansion foam fire suppression systems, seismic upgrad of the hangars to meet essential facilities classification, and replacement of lighting and heating. Also included is the renovation of the east, central and west portions of the building of approximately 63,000 square feet to accommodat 53,000 square feet of administrative spaces and 10,000 square feet of warehouse/shop spaces. The interiors of the existing administrative and warehouse/shop spaces will be demolished and will be replaced by new, reconfigured spaces. Spaces include conference rooms, Special Access Required (SAR) rated spaces, unclassified areas, private offices service areas, instrumentation shop, and fabrication/ maintenance shops. Existing toilet rooms will be upgraded. Certain areas will have raised access floors. All area will have new interiors, including carpeting, lighting, power and data. New furniture, pre-wired workstations and accessories will be provided. Exterior renovations include roof replacement, new windows, partial new siding, new roof-mounted air conditioning units and repair of the hangar concrete tarmac. B Building 1807: Provide modernization of an existing administrative facility of approximately 12,000 square feet. The interior of the building will be demolished and replaced with new, reconfigured special Access Required (SAR) spaces. Interior work includes new gypsum board partitions, new access controlled doors; new carpeting, lighting, power, data; new furniture, pre-wire workstations and accessories. Exterior work includes closing-up of existing windows in masonry walls, painting of exterior surfaces and installation of ground-mounted air conditioning units. C. AME Building: Provide a new pre-engineered metal building of approximately 10,000 square feet for administration and maintenance of armaments. Building will house five maintenance work bays (three work bays will have 3-ton overhead cranes) and administrative and service facilities. Interiors include gypsum-board walls, carpeting, lighting, power, data. Furniture, pre-wired workstations and accessories will be provided. Exterior includes over-head roll-up doors and ground-mounted air conditioning units for the administrative area. D. Warehouse Building: Provide a new pre-engineered metal warehouse building of approximatel 21,600 square feet for general storage and administrative functions. Building includes general offices, storage, rest rooms, secure storage, and wire mesh storage cribs. Interiors of administrative portion include gypsum board walls, carpeting, lighting, power, data. Furniture, pre-wired workstations and accessories will be provided. Exterior shall have two loading docks with three dock levelers, ground mounted air conditioning units for the administration area, and skylights over the general storage. E. MCR Building 1440: Renovate an reconfigure portions of two floors of the Ridley Mission Control building to upgrade computer rooms. Approximately 7,850 square feet of interior space will be upgraded to include floor-to-underfloor full height partitions, renovated raised access floors, relocation of air conditioning units, new lighting, power and data. Exterior work includes the new paving of a sodded area. F. Site Work: Provide for parking lot repaving, and new paving, relocation of existing gates and new fencing. Work includes lighting, stripping and drainage of parking lots replacement of certain utilities, and new utilities required to service the new buildings. G. There may be an option item identified in Phase II that is unfunded at this time but expected to be approximately $10,000,000. The work will involve: For building 1810, upgrade the utilities, ventilation, lighting, and security systems, Data Distribution laboratory, 270 VDC power converters, avionics cooling and PAO hydraulic system, high expansion foam fire suppression systems, repair existing exterior panels, roof, and hangar door. Construct a two- story administration building with a concrete foundation and slab, metal frame structure, masonry walls, and sloping metal roof. Upgrade HVAC and security system in building 1808. The JSF program requires adequately configure facilities capable of supporting the Operational Test (OT) of the JSF aircraft. To support system development demonstration (SDD) efforts, the facilities must have modern infrastructure capable of supporting 500 personnel and aircraft. Th facilities must meet JSF program security requirements. To avoid disruption of the program, the MILCON must be completed approximately 6 months prior to the arrival of the first operation test aircraft LRIP in Apr 07 to allow installation and calibration of aircraft support equipment. No other facilities are available to support this effort. Hangar space is required for 5 OT aircraft, with the remaining 21 aircraft parked outside. Each aircraft will require space for test operations and equipment. H. Buildings are expected to contain Lead-Based Paint and Asbestos. There is a ground water/soil treatment site within the project area. The project is located on and adjacent to the airfield-access is controlled and airfield safety requirements will be in effect. This project will be a two-phase design-build project. Phase I is the pre-selection phase resulting in the selection of three Offerors (this phase does not include the submission of a price proposal). Only these three Offerors will be allowed to continue to the Phase II process. Evaluation factors under Phase I may consist of the following: Past Performance on projects of similar nature (similar or greater scope and complexity and technical sophistication) will be a major consideration in the selection of the three firms; Specialized Experience; Capability to Perform; Technical Approach, Key Personnel, including AE and Construction members;. The evaluation factors to be considered under Phase II may consist of the following: Design Concepts (Architectural; HVAC System; Structural); Schedule; Environmental Compliance; Sustainable Design; Quality of Proposal Submittal; and a Price Proposal. Factors listed for both Phases may not be all inclusive. It is the Government's intent to award based o initial offer without discussion. The Offeror chosen will complete the design and construct the facility.