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Fire Station Project Case Study in Washington

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Project Overview

Estimated Value:$188,000
The cost to build fire stations in Washington depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

Address:9089 Holman Rd NW & 10503 Interlake Ave

Project Type

Building Category:Fire Stations
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Fire Station The project involves transport of materials to a third city-owned location. The work at existing temporary Fire Station involves decommissioning the site and site restoration, and development of the site on Holman Road for Interim Fire Station 35. Develop the existing Station 35 for placement of trailers by others and erect tents to house the operation of Fire Station 35, including 1 grade site for trailer, tent, drive, sidewalk and associates areas, 2 provide sanitary sewer extension from existing main and connection to triailers, 3 provide portable water service from existing meter service to trialers 4 provide gravel walk as shown, 5 asphalt pavement as shown, 6 fencing and gates, 7 reinstall fans and lighting tents, 8 reinstall rollup doors at tent structures, 9 provide radiant heaters at tent gas piping to propane tank location (these to be provided by contractor), 10 provide power service, panels, conduit, wiring, tent, lighting, and connections to fans and rollup doors, 11 erect tent structure relocated from existing site, 12 coordinate with the owner's contractor for setting of trailers and installation of aluminum ramps. Decommission interim Fire Station 31 includes, disconnect existing power service and salvage lights from large tent to owner at 12600 Stone Ave N at the fleets and Facilities Haller lake shops, remove lights, power and all controls at small tent for reuse at FS 35, 4 remove rollup doors (two will be salvagedto owner and delivered to Haller Lake Facility, the other will be reinstalled at Interim FS 35, dissemble tents, large tent to be bundled and readied for storage and delivered to Haller lake Facility, remove ecology blocks and deliver to owner at Haller lake site, remove asphalt and recycle offsite, remove and recycle concrete walk offsite, remove catch basins, and dispose or salvage, cap sanitary and storm lines, regrade to allow removal of modular units and provide final contour after removal of units, place top soil and seed new lawn area, restore fencing at perimeter.