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Total value of Ohio construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$32,010,381,278
Bid Phase:$104,640,768
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Bid Phase:$260,079,853

Fencing Project Case Study in Ohio

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of fencing projects in Ohio are also available.

Project Overview

Project Title:OHDOT IR 275 NOISE WALLS
Estimated Value:$7,400,610
The cost to build fencing in Ohio depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

Address:Interstate Route 275

Project Type

Building Category:Fencing
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Fencing FOR IMPROVING SECTION HAM-275-31.57,INTERSTATE ROUTE 275 IN THE CITY OF MONTGOMERY,VILLAGE OF INDIAN HILL,SYCAMORE AND SYMMES TOWNSHIPS,HAMILTON COUNTY;0001 201E11000 CLEARING AND GRUBBING(WT:01)LS 1.000 0002 202E20010 HEADWALL REMOVED(WT:NR)EACH 7.000 0003 202E35100 PIPE REMOVED,24" AND UNDER(WT:NR)FT 8.000 0004 202E35200 PIPE REMOVED,OVER 24"(WT:NR)FT 20.000 0005 202E38000 GUARDRAIL REMOVED(WT:NR)FT 625.000 202E42010 ANCHOR ASSEMBLY REMOVED,TYPE E EACH 3.000(WT:NR)0006 202E42040 ANCHOR ASSEMBLY REMOVED,TYPE T EACH 3.000(WT:NR)0007 0008 202E75000 FENCE REMOVED(WT:NR)FT 15,592.000 0009 203E10000 EXCAVATION(WT:06)CY 2,729.000 0010 203E20001 EMBANKMENT,AS PER PLAN(WT:06)CY 4,206.000 0011 606E13000 GUARDRAIL,TYPE 5(WT:36)FT 2,500.000 0012 606E22000 ANCHOR ASSEMBLY,TYPE B-98(WT:36)EACH 3.000 0013 606E26500 ANCHOR ASSEMBLY,TYPE T(WT:36)EACH 3.000 0014 607E15000 FENCE,TYPE 47(WT:37)FT 121.000 0015 607E23000 FENCE,TYPE CLT(WT:37)FT 204.000 0016 609E26000 CURB,TYPE 6(WT:38)FT 585.000 630E07600 GROUND MOUNTED SUPPORT,W10X12 FT 28.000 BEAM(WT:42)0017 630E09000 0018 BREAKAWAY BEAM CONNECTION(WT:42)EACH 2.000 630E85600 REMOVAL OF GROUND MOUNTED MAJOR EACH 1.000 SIGN AND REERECTION(WT:42)0019 630E86102 REMOVAL OF GROUND MOUNTED BEAM EACH 2.000 SUPPORT AND DISPOSAL(WT:NR)0020 690E98400 SPECIAL-MISC.:CONSULTANT FOR LS 1.000 CONCRETE QUALITY CONTROL INCLUDING TESTING AND INSPECTION(WT:NR)0021 878E25000 INSPECTION AND COMPACTION TESTING OF LS 1.000 UNBOUND MATERIALS(WT:NR)0022 0023 659E00100 SOIL ANALYSIS TEST(WT:NR)EACH 2.000 0024 659E00300 TOPSOIL(WT:46)CY 273.000 0025 659E10000 SEEDING AND MULCHING(WT:46)SY 2,460.000 0026 659E14000 REPAIR SEEDING AND MULCHING(WT:46)SY 123.000 0027 659E15000 INTER-SEEDING(WT:46)SY 123.000 0028 659E20000 COMMERCIAL FERTILIZER(WT:46)TON 0.330 0029 659E31000 LIME(WT:46)ACRE 0.510 0030 659E35000 WATER(WT:46)MGAL 13.000 0031 659E40000 MOWING(WT:46)MSF 6.000 0032 670E00700 DITCH EROSION PROTECTION(WT:46)SY 971.000 832E15000 STORM WATER POLLUTION PREVENTION LS 1.000 PLAN(WT:NR)0033 0034 832E30000 EROSION CONTROL(WT:08)EACH 43,000.000 836E10000 SEEDING AND EROSION CONTROL WITH SY 140.000 TURF REINFORCING MAT,TYPE 1(WT:46)0035 601E11000 RIPRAP USING 6" REINFORCED CONCRETE SY 5.000 SLAB(WT:38)0036 601E32104 ROCK CHANNEL PROTECTION,TYPE B WITH CY 18.000 FABRIC FILTER(WT:35)0037 601E32204 ROCK CHANNEL PROTECTION,TYPE C WITH CY 29.000 FABRI FILTER(WT:35)0038 0039 602E20000 CONCRETE MASONRY(WT:35)CY 13.900 0040 603E0150 6" CONDUIT,TYPE F,707.33(WT:35)FT 125.000 0041 603E04600 12" CONDUIT,TYPE C(WT:35)FT 30.000 0042 603E04600 12" CONDUIT,TYPE C,707.33(WT:35)FT 164.000 603E05200 12" CONDUIT,TYPE F,707.05 TYPE C,707.21 FT 116.000(WT:35)0043