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Total value of Oklahoma construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$4,987,559,808
Bid Phase:$165,835,823
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$4,241,625,802
Bid Phase:$60,490,000

Excavating & Grading Project Case Study in Oklahoma

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of excavating & grading projects in Oklahoma are also available.

Project Overview

Estimated Value:$6,349,030
The cost to build excavating & grading in Oklahoma depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location


Project Type

Building Category:Excavating & Grading
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Road[s], Water Piping, Excavating & Grading GRADE,DRAIN,SURFACE AND BRIDGE US-177:DRY CREEK AND DRY CREEK O'FLOW,12.4 MI N. OF US-60 AND OVER UNNAMED CREEK 13.1 MI AND 16.2 MI N OF US-60. PROJECT LENGTH=1.563 MILES. SECTION NO. 0001 ROADWAY-BRFY-136C(124)201 0102 CLEARING AND GRUBBING 1.000 LSUM 202(A)0183 UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVATION 34,831.820 CY 202(C)0184 UNCLASSIFIED BORROW 4,376.560 CY 205 4229 TYPE A-SALVAGED TOPSOIL 1.000 LSUM 223 2801 TEMPORARY SILT FENCE 14,715.000 LF 224 2803 TEMPORARY SEDIMENT FILTER 7.000 EA 227 0100 TEMPORARY SILT DIKE 2,525.000 LF 230(A)2806 SOLID SLAB SODDING 69,413.440 SY 232(A)2813 SEEDING METHOD A 41.320 AC 233(A)2817 VEGETATIVE MULCHING 41.320 AC 303 0192 AGGREGATE BASE 7,823.020 CY 325 5271 SEPARATOR FABRIC 37,648.940 SY 327(J)4290(SP)MODIFIED SUBGRADE 37,007.860 SY 403(A)0217 TRAFFIC BOUND SURFACE COURSE TYPE A 487.800 TON 403(E)0225 TRAFFIC BOUND SURFACE COURSE TYPE E 210.490 TON 407 0250 TACK COAT 3,022.150 GAL 408 5774 PRIME COAT 14,315.020 GAL 411(S3)5945(SP)ASPH.CONC.,TYPE S3(PG 64-22 OK)8,462.000 TON 411(S4)5960(SP)ASPH.CONC.,TYPE S4(PG 64-22 OK)3,638.040 TON 509(D)0325 CLASS C CONCRETE 5.090 CY 601(A-1)1353 TYPE I-A PLAIN RIPRAP 42.000 TON 601(A-2)1355 TYPE I-A FILTER BLANKET 14.000 TON 613(B)0491 18" R.C.PIPE CLASS III 79.000 LF 613(B)0492 24" R.C.PIPE CLASS III 178.000 LF 613(B)4504 19" X 30" R.C.PIPE ELL. CLASS HE-III 58.000 LF 613(C)4373 SP. END SECTION OF 18" RCP ROUND 2.000 EA 613(C)4375 SP. END SECTION OF 24" RCP ROUND 6.000 EA 613(C)5157 SP. END SECTION OF 19" X 30" RCP ELL. 2.000 EA 613(D)0689 18" CORR. GALV. STEEL PIPE 40.000 LF 613(D)0692 36" CORR. GALV. STEEL PIPE 44.000 LF 613(G)0760 18" GALV. STEEL CULVERT END SEC. RND. 2.000 EA 613(G)0763 36" GALV. STEEL CULVERT END SEC. RND. 2.000 EA 613(S)1180 TRENCH EXCAVATION 278.880 CY 613(T)1181 STANDARD BEDDING MATERIAL 153.160 CY