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Total value of Ohio construction projects currently in our database:

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Pre-Bid Phase:$32,010,381,278
Bid Phase:$104,640,768
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Excavating & Grading Project Case Study in Ohio

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of excavating & grading projects in Ohio are also available.

Project Overview

Start Date:2004-12-01
Estimated Value:Not Available (develop your own cost estimate with RSMeans Online)
The cost to build water and sewage piping in Ohio depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

Address:SR 207

Project Type

Building Category:Water and Sewage Piping, Excavating & Grading
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Bridge[s] & Culvert[s], Railroads, Road[s], Electrical Work, Excavating & Grading, Sewage Piping 201E11000 1.000 LS CLEARING AND GRUBBING(WT:01)0001 202E11000 1.000 LS STRUCTUR REMOVED(WT:NR)0002 202E23000 6,770.000 SY PAVEMENT REMOVED(WT:NR)0003 202E30000 3,093.000 SF WALK REMOVED(WT:NR)0004 202E32600 347.000 FT GUTTER REMOVED(WT:NR)0005 202E35100 597.000 FT PIPE REMOVED,24" AND UNDER(WT:NR)0006 202E35200 734.000 FT PIPE REMOVED,OVER 24"(WT:NR)0007 202E38000 508.000 FT GUARDRAIL REMOVED(WT:NR)0008 202E38800 5.000 EACH GUARD POST REMOVED(WT:NR)0009 202E75000 5,252.000 FT FENCE REMOVED(WT:NR)0010 202E75250 2.000 EACH GATE REMOVED(WT:NR)0011 203E10000 510,317.000 CY EXCAVATION(WT:05)0012 203E20000 991,347.000 CY EMBANKMENT(WT:05)0013 203E35110 17,579.000 CY GRANULAR MATERIAL,TYPE B(WT:05)0014 203E35111 5,586.000 CY GRANULAR MATERIAL,TYPE B,AS PER PLAN(WT:05)0015 203E65000 4.000 EACH SPECIAL-SETTLEMENT PLATFORM(WT:04)0016 204E10000 203,016.000 SY SUBGRADE COMPACTION(WT:05)0017 204E45000 68.000 HOUR PROOF ROLLING(WT:05)0018 604E40500 34.000 EACH REFERENCE MONUMENT(WT:NR)0019 606E13000 14,350.000 FT GUARDRAIL,TYPE 5(WT:36)0020 606E15500 237.500 FT GUARDRAIL,BARRIER DESIGN,TYPE 5(WT:36)0021 606E20000 7.000 EACH FLARED END SECTION(WT:36)0022 606E22000 21.000 EACH ANCHOR ASSEMBLY,TYPE B-98(WT:36)0023 606E22010 8.000 EACH ANCHOR ASSEMBLY,TYPE E-98(WT:36)0024 606E26500 16.000 EACH ANCHOR ASSEMBLY,TYPE T(WT:36)0025 606E35000 16.000 EACH BRIDGE TERMINAL ASSEMBLY,TYPE 1(WT:36)0026 606E60010 2.000 EACH IMPACT ATTENUATOR,TYPE 1-98(BIDIRECTIONAL)(WT:36)0027 607E15000 48,029.000 FT FENCE,TYPE 47(WT:37)0028 607E98000 3,520.000 FT FENCE,MISC.:ORANGE CONSTRUCTION FENCE(WT:NR)0029 609E24510 320.000 FT CURB,TYPE 4-C(WT:38)0030 622E24000 135.000 FT CONCRETE BARRIER,TYPE D(WT:38)0031 625E32000 23.000 EACH GROUND ROD(WT:43)0032 690E50100 4.000 EACH SPECIAL-MAILBOX SUPPORT SYSTEM,SINGLE(WT:NR)0033 690E50200 8.000 EAC SPECIAL-MAILBOX SUPPORT SYSTEM,DOUBLE(WT:NR)0034 690E98400 1.000 LS SPECIAL-MISC.:SOILS CONSULTANT FOR FIELD TESTING AND INTERSECTION(WT:05)0035 601E11000 292.000 SY RIPRAP USING 6" REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB(WT:38)0036 601E32004 73.000 CY ROCK CHANNEL PROTECTION,TYPE A WITH FABRIC FILTER(WT:35)003 601E32104 371.000 CY ROCK CHANNEL PROTECTION,TYPE B WITH FABRIC FILTER(WT:35)0038 601E32204 1,075.000 CY ROCK CHANNEL PROTECTION,TYPE C WITH FABRIC FILTER(WT:35)0039 601E38000 642.000 FT PAVED GUTTER,TYPE 1-4(WT:35)0040 653E10000 1,680.000 CY TOPSOIL FURNISHED AND PLACED(WT:46)0041 659E00100 12.000 EACH SOIL ANALYSIS TEST(WT:NR)0042 659E00300 58,258.000 CY TOPSOIL(WT:46)0043 659E10000 520,773.000 SY SEEDING AND MULCHING(WT:46)0044 659E14000 26,039.000 S REPAIR SEEDING AND MULCHING(WT:46)0045 659E15000 26,039.000 SY INTER-SEEDING(WT:46)0046 659E20000 74.000 TON COMMERCIAL FERTILIZER(WT:46)0047 659E31000 108.000 ACRE LIME(WT:46)0048 659E35000 2,904.000 MGAL WATER(WT:46)004 659E40000 1,172.000 MSF MOWING(WT:46)0050 660E20000 381.000 SY SODDING REINFORCED(WT:46)0051 660E25000 3,704.000 SY SODDING STAKED(WT:46)0052 670E0070 20,641.000 SY DITCH EROSION PROTECTION(WT:46)0053 832E10000 1.000 EACH STORM WATER POLLUTION PREVENTION PLAN(WT:NR)0054 832E30000 1.000 EACH EROSION CONTROL(WT:08)0055 836E10000 15,460.000 SY SEEDING AND EROSION CONTROL WITH TUR REINFORCING MAT,TYPE 1(WT:46)0056 836E10020 85.000 SY SEEDING AND EROSION CONTROL WITH TURF REINFORCING MAT,TYPE 2(WT:46)0057 503E11101 1.000 LS COFFERDAMS,CRIBS AND SHEETING,AS PER PLAN(WT:35)0058 602E20000 55.000 CY CONCRETE MASONRY(WT:35)0059 603E00900 433.000 FT 6" CONDUIT,TYPE B(WT:35)0060 603E01100 50.000 FT 6" CONDUIT,TYPE C(FOR TREATED SEPTIC CONNECTIONS)(WT:35)006 603E01500 2,891.000 FT 6" CONDUIT,TYPE F(WT:35)0062 603E02500 200.000 FT 8" CONDUIT,TYPE E(FOR FARM DRAINS)(WT:35)0063 603E02600 60.000 FT 8" CONDUIT,TYPE F(FOR FARM DRAINS)(WT:35)0064 603E04400 407.000 FT 12" CONDUIT,TYPE B(WT:35)006 603E04600 40.000 FT 12" CONDUIT,TYPE C(WT:35)0066 603E04900 216.000 FT 12" CONDUIT,TYPE D(WT:35)0067 603E05900 2,061.000 FT 15" CONDUIT,TYPE B(WT:35)0068 603E06100 585.000 FT 15" CONDUIT,TYPE C(WT:35)0069 603E06700 203.000 FT 15" CONDUIT,TYPE F(WT:35)0070 603E07400 664.000 FT 18" CONDUIT,TYPE B(WT:35)0071 603E07600 645.000 FT 18" CONDUIT,TYPE C(WT:35)0072 603E07900 396.000 FT 18" CONDUIT,TYPE D(WT:35)0073 603E10400 28.000 FT 24" CONDUIT,TYPE B(WT:35)0074 603E11700 124.000 FT 27" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02 OR 30" CONDUIT,TYPE A,707.01,707.02(0.079),OR 707.21(WT:35)0075 603E13200 240.000 FT 30" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02(2250 D-LOAD)OR 36" CONDUIT,707.22(0.075)TYPE A 707.01(0.109),707.02(0.109),(WT:35)0076 603E13200 108.000 FT 30" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02 OR 36" CONDUIT,TYPE A,707.01(0.079),707.02(0.079),707.21,707.22(WT:35)0077 603E13900 146.000 FT 30" CONDUIT,TYPE D(WT:35)0078 603E16200 92.000 FT 36" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02 OR 42" CONDUIT,TYPE A 707.01(0.079),707.02(0.079),707.21,707.22(WT:35)0079 603E16200 76.000 FT 36" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02 OR 42" CONDUIT,TYPE A 707.01(0.079),707.02(0.079),707.21,707.22(WT:35)0080 603E16200 196.000 FT 36" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02 OR 48" CONDUIT,TYPE A 707.01(0.109),707.02(0.109),707.21,707.22(WT:35)0081 603E16200 110.000 FT 36" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02 OR 48" CONDUIT,TYPE A 707.01(0.079),707.02(0.079),707.21,707.22(WT:35)0082 603E16200 124.000 FT 36" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02,707.01(0.109),707.02(0.109),707.21,707.22(WT:35)0083 603E16200 126.000 FT 36" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02,707.01(0.109),707.02(0.109),707.21,707.22(WT:35)0084 603E16900 56.000 FT 36" CONDUIT,TYPE D(WT:35)0085 603E19200 112.000 FT 42" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02(WT:35)0086 603E19200 238.000 FT 42" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02 OR 48" CONDUIT,TYPE A 701.01(0.105)(0.109),707.02(0.109),707.21,707.22(WT:35)0087 603E19900 48.000 FT 42" CONDUIT,TYPE D(WT:35)0088 603E20700 174.000 FT 48" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02(1250 D-LOAD)OR 66" CONDUIT,707.22 TYPE A 707.01,707.02(0.109),707.21,(WT:35)0089 603E20700 204.000 FT 48" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02 OR 66" CONDUIT,TYPE A 707.01,707.02(0.109),707.21,707.22,706.02(WT:35)0090 603E21400 83.000 FT 48" CONDUIT,TYPE D(WT:35)0091 603E22200 164.000 FT 54" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02(1750 D-LOAD)OR 60" CONDUIT,707.22(0.105)TYPE A 707.01,707.02(0.109),707.21,(WT:35)0092 603E23600 192.000 FT 60" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02(1250 D-LOAD)OR 72" CONDUIT,707.22 TYPE A 707.01,707.02(0.109),707.21,(WT:35)0093 603E31000 374.000 FT 102" CONDUIT,TYPE A,706.02(1500 D-LOAD)(WT:35)0094 604E00800 4.000 EACH CATCH BASIN,NO. 3A(WT:35)0095 604E01200 1.000 EACH CATCH BASIN,NO. 4(WT:35)0096 604E01600 2.000 EACH CATCH BASIN,NO. 5(WT:35)0097 604E02000 5.000 EACH CATCH BASIN,NO. 6(WT:35)0098 604E02800 7.000 EACH CATCH BASIN,NO. 8(WT:35)0099 604E04500 1.000 EACH CATCH BASIN,NO. 2-2B(WT:35)0100 604E31500 5.000 EACH MANHOLE,NO. 3(WT:35)0101 604E36600 64.000 EACH PRECAST REINFORCED CONCRETE OUTLET(WT:35)010 604E37000 1.000 EACH INSPECTION WELL(FOR TREATED SEPTIC CONNECTIONS)(WT:35)0103 604E60000 1,922.000 FT SPECIAL-TRENCH DRAIN(WT:35)0104 605E05100 80,531.000 FT 4" SHALLOW PIPE UNDERDRAINS(WT:35)0105 605E05200 3,806.000 FT 4" UNCLASSIFIED PIPE UNDERDRAINS(WT:35)0106 605E12200 9,010.000 FT 6" DEEP PIPE UNDERDRAINS(WT:35)0107 605E13300 5,413.000 FT 6" UNCLASSIFIED PIPE UNDERDRAINS(WT:35)0108 605E13402 500.000 FT 6" UNCLASSIFIED PIPE UNDERDRAINS FO SPRINGS(WT:35)0109 605E31100 20,284.000 FT AGGREGATE DRAINS(WT:35)0110 605E3220 200.000 FT AGGREGATE DRAINS FOR SPRINGS(WT:35)0111 613E41250 1,447.000 CY LOW STRENGTH MORTAR BACKFILL(TYPE 1)(WT:38)0112 203E01890 10,600.000 SY SPECIAL-SOI STERILANT(WT:04)0113 252E01500 6,571.000 FT FULL DEPTH PAVEMENT SAWING(WT:16)0114 301E46000 10,230.000 CY ASPHALT CONCRETE BASE,PG64-22(WT:10)0115 304E20000 33,244.000 CY AGGREGATE BASE(WT:09)0116 407E10000 3,578.000 GAL TACK COAT(WT:10)0117 407E14000 3,350.000 GAL TACK COAT FOR INTERMEDIATE COURSE(WT:10)0118 408E10000 1,166.000 GAL PRIME COAT(WT:10)011 409E30000 238.000 FT SAWIN