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Total value of Rhode Island construction projects currently in our database:

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Pre-Bid Phase:$1,474,710,000
Bid Phase:$26,275,000
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Bid Phase:$17,550,000

Electrical Work Project Case Study in Rhode Island

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of electrical work projects in Rhode Island are also available.

Project Overview

Estimated Value:$105,914
The cost to build electrical work in Rhode Island depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

State:Rhode Island
Address:Bulgarmarsh Rd

Project Type

Building Category:Electrical Work
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Park[s], Landscaping, Road[s], Electrical Work, Excavating & Grading, Pavement Markers, Sewage Piping Traffic Signal Installations, State Traffic Commission, Tiverton, Rhode Island. This Work Is Located At The Intersection Of Bulgarmarsh Road & Brayton Road In The Town Of Tiverton, Rhode Island. The Project Will Include, But Is Not Limite To The Removal & Salvage Of One Flashing Traffic Signal System, Installation Of a New Fully Actuated Traffic Signal At The Intersection Of Bulgarmarsh Road & Brayton Road, Including Traffic Signal Hardware & Equipment, Conduit & Cable, loop Detectors, Pedestrian Pushbuttoms & Signal Heads, Wheelchair Ramps, Installing New Signing, Crosswalks & Pavement Markings & Providing Maintenance Protection Of Traffic & All Incidentals. Also Includes Statewide Drainage Improvements, Middle Road, Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This Work Is Located At Th Intersection Of Middle Road & Greylock Road In The Town Of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This Project Will Include, But Is Not Limited To The Installation Of Catch Bsins, Frames, Grates, Ductile Iron Pipe, Test Pits & Any Other Incidentals Relating To The Drainage Construction Including But Not Limited To Full Depth Sawcut, Remove & Dispose Pavement, Gravel Borrow, Triming & Fine Grading, Bituminous Surface Course, Tack Coat, Loam Excavation, Plantable Soil, Seed, Drum Barricades & Temporary Construction Signs; 001 201.0409 Remove & Dispose Flexible Pavement 31.000 SY 002 201.0610 Remove & Dispose Directional, Warning, Regulatory, Service, & Street Signs 3.000 Each 003 201.0619 Remove & Salvage Traffic Signal System 1.00 Each 004 202.0100 Earth Excavation 7.00 CY 005 202.0600 Loam Excavation 2.00 CY 006 202.0800 Gravel Borrow 30.00 CY 007 204.0100 Trimming & Fine Grading 51.00 SY 008 302.0100 GRAVEL BORROW SUBBASE COURSE 7.00 CY 009 401.0200 Bituminous Surface Course Type I-1 13.00 TON 010 403.0300 Asphalt Emulsion Tack Coat 72.00 SY 011 701.5312 12 Inch Ductile Iron Water Pipe Class 52, Push-On Joint 44.00 LF 012 702.0517 Frame & Grate, Standar 6.3.2 2.00 Each 013 702.0521 Frame & Cover Standard 6.2.0 2.00 Each 015 702.071 Driveway Basin & Gutter Inlet Standard 3.3.1 2.00 Each 016 905.0110 Portland Cement Sidewalk Monolithic Standard 43.1.0 3.00 CY 017 9.14.5010 Flagpersons 120.00 Mhrs 018 914.5020 Flagpersons-Overtime 12.00 Mhrs 019 919.0101 Test Pits 2.00 Each 020 922.0100 Temporary Construction Signs Standard 29.1.0 & 27.1.1 131.00 SF