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Electrical Work Project Case Study in Oklahoma

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of electrical work projects in Oklahoma are also available.

Project Overview

Estimated Value:$162,596
The cost to build electrical work in Oklahoma depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

Address:Intersection Of Washington Blvd

Project Type

Building Category:Electrical Work
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Electrical Work SOUTHPORT/CAMELOT DRIVE. 802(B)8340 2" PVC SCH.40 PLASTIC CONDUIT BORED 600.000 LF 802(B)8342 2" PVC SCH.40 PLASTIC CONDUIT TRENCHED 1,400.000 LF 802(B)8344 3" PVC SCH.40 PLASTIC CONDUIT BORED 260.000 LF 802(B)8346 3" PVC SCH.40 PLASTIC CONDUIT TRENCHED 30.000 LF 803 8065 PULL BOX(SIZE I)13.000 EA 803 8066 PULL BOX(SIZE II)1.000 EA 804(A)2915 STRUCTURAL CONCRETE 11.600 CY 804(B)2916 REINFORCING STEEL 1,766.600 LB 806(A)8311 32'MH POLE 35'TS&10'LMA(G.STL.)1.000 EA 806(A)8312 32'MH POLE 40'TS&10'LMA(G.STL.)2.000 EA 806(A)8314 32'MH POLE 50'TS&10'LMA(G.STL.)1.000 EA 809(A)8090(PL)ROADWAY LUMINAIRE 4.000 EA 810(A)311 SERVICE POLE 1.000 EA 811 8040 1/C NO.6 ELECT.COND. 200.000 LF 811 8044 1/C NO.10 ELECT.COND. 1,140.000 LF 824 8340(PL)MASTER CONTROLLER 1.000 EA 825 8550 VEH.ACT.SOL.ST.TRAF.SIG.CON.ASM 1.000 EA 825 8559 SIGNAL SYSTEM CONTROLLER UPGRADE 1.000 EA 828 8132(PL)DETECTION SYSTEM(VIDEO)1.000 LSUM 830 8000 PEDESTRIAN PUSH BUTTON 8.000 EA 831 8231 1WAY3SEC.ADJ.SIG.HD.S-6 6.000 EA 831 8286 1WAY5SEC.ADJ.SIG.HD.S-19 5.000 EA 831 8295 1WAY2SEC.ADJ.PED.SIG.HD.S-20 8.000 EA 833 3030 BACKPLATE 11.000 EA 834 8358(PL)UNDERGROUND COMMUNICATION CABLE 2,050.000 LF 834(A)8207 5/C TRAF.SIG.EL.CABLE 900.000 LF 834(A)8208 7/C TRAF.SIG.EL.CABLE 305.000 LF 834(A)8210 12/C TRAF.SIG.EL.CABLE 255.000 LF 834(A)8211 15/C TRAF.SIG.EL.CABLE 30.000 LF 834(A)8213 21/C TRAF.SIG.EL.CABLE 210.000 LF 834(B)8220 2/C SHIELDED LOOP DETECTOR LEAD-IN CABLE 45.000 LF 840(A)8592(PL)E.P.S. OPTICAL EMITTER 5.000 EA 840(B)8593(PL)E.P.S. OPTICAL DETECTOR 4.000 EA 840(C)8594(PL)E.P.S. OPTICAL DETECTOR CABLE 690.000 LF 840(D)8595(PL)E.P.S. 2 CHANNEL PHASE SELECTOR 2.000 EA 850(C)8118 MAST ARM MOUNTED SIGNS(ALUM.)83.500 SF 880(J)8905 CONSTRUCTION TRAFFIC CONTROL 1.000 LSU 890(A)8724(PL)REMOVAL OF EXISTING SIGNS 2.000 EA 642 0098 STAKING 1.000 LSUM 64 1552 MOBILIZATION 1.000 LSUM