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Electrical Work Project Case Study in Massachusetts

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of electrical work projects in Massachusetts are also available.

Project Overview

Estimated Value:$458,316
The cost to build electrical work in Massachusetts depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location


Project Type

Building Category:Electrical Work
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Electrical Work District 3, 4 & 5; Fabrication & Installation Of Overheaad & Ground Mounted Guide Signs (3 Separate Contracts) (604904, 604905, & 604906); "500.000","EA","TREE TRIMMING","102.3" "1.000","LS","MOBILIZATION","748." "300.000","EA","24 INCH WARNING CLUSTER(H1-2)-ALUMINUM PANEL(TYPE A)","827.21" "2.000","EA","OVERHEAD GUIDE SIGN EMERGENCY REMOVAL","828.031" "430.000","SF","OVERHEAD GUIDE SIGN-ALUMINUM PANEL(TYPE B)","828.1" "110.000","SF","ERECT OVERHEAD GUIDE SIGN-ALUM. PANEL TYPE B","828.11" "1615.000","SF","ROADSIDE GUIDE SIGN(MR)-ALUMINUM PANEL(TYPE B)","829.1" "540.000","SF","ERECT ROADSIDE GUIDE SIGN(MR)-ALUM. PANEL-TYPE B","829.11" "650.000","SF","ROADSIDE GUIDE SIGN(FR)OVER 25 SF-ALUM. PANEL(TYPE B)","830.1" "270.000","SF","ROADSIDE GUIDE SIGN(FR)OVER 25 SF-ALUM.PAN.TY B(EXC.INSTALL ","830.11" "325.000","SF","ROADSIDE GUIDE SIGN(FR)OVER 25 SF-ALUM.PAN.-TY.B(EXC FAB)","830.111" "4300.000","SF","ROADSIDE GUIDE SIGN(FR)25 SF&UNDER-ALUM.PANEL(TYPE A)","831.1" "270.000","SF","ROADSIDE GUIDE SIGN 25 SF&UNDER-ALUM PAN.TY A(EXC.INSTALL)","831.11" "270.000","SF","ROADSIDE GUIDE SIGN 25 SF&UNDER-ALUM.PAN. TY A(EXCL. FAB)","831.111" "215.000","SF","TOWN LINE SIGN-ALUM. PANEL-TYPE A","831.2" "160.000","SF","TOWN LINE SIGN-ALUM.PAN.-TYPE A(EXC. INSTALL)","831.21" "215.000","SF","TOWN LINE SIGN-ALUM.PANEL-TYPE A(EXC. FAB)","831.211" "700.000","SF","WARNING-REGULATORY AND ROUTE MARKER-ALUM. PANEL(TYPE A)","832.1" "7530.000","SF","WARNING-REGULATORY&ROUTE MARK-ALUM PAN TY A(EXC INS)","832.11" "110.000","SF","WARNING-REGULATORY&ROUTE MARK-ALUM PAN TY A(EXC FAB)","832.111" "130.000","SF","REFLECTIVE SHEETING OVERLY ALUM. PANEL","832.12" "30.000","EA","SUPPORTS FOR GUIDE SIGN(D6-1)&TOWN LINE SIGN-STEEL","841.111" "30.000","EA","SUPPORTS FOR GUIDE SIGN(D6-1)&TOWN LINE SIGN-STEEL EXC.STUB","841.112" "25.000","EA","POST CAP AND BRACKET FOR GUIDE SIGN(D6-1)","841.113" "1100.000","LB","SUPPORTS FOR GUIDE SIGN(STEEL)UP TO&INCL W8X21","841.121" "2200.000","LB","SUPPORTS FOR GUIDE SIGN(STEEL)W10X21&OVER","841.122" "245.000","LB","SUPPORTS FOR GUIDE SIGN(STEEL)UP TO&INCL. W8X21(EXCL. STUB","841.131" "125.000","LB","SUPPORTS FOR GUIDE SIGN(STEEL)W10X21&OVER(EXCL. STUB)","841.132" "12.000","EA","FOUNDATION AND 5 INCH ROUND STUB","841.411" "4.000","EA","TEMPORARY WOODEN SIGN SUPPORTS TWO 6 INCH X 6 INCH POSTS","843.1"