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Total value of Arkansas construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$3,353,830,818
Bid Phase:$50,800,868
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$1,011,717,507
Bid Phase:$66,588,000

Electrical Work Project Case Study in Arkansas

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of electrical work projects in Arkansas are also available.

Project Overview

Estimated Value:$2,524,940
The cost to build water and sewage piping in Arkansas depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

City:Van Buren
Address:I 540

Project Type

Building Category:Water and Sewage Piping, Electrical Work, Fencing
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Water Piping, Electrical Work, Excavating & Grading, Miscellaneous Civil, Flood Control, Sewage Piping THIS PROJECT IS TO IMPROVE MEDIAN TURNAROUNDS,INSTALL CABLE MEDIAN BARRIER AND TRAFFIC SIGNAL. THIS PROJECT CONSISTS OF EARTHWORK,AGGREGATE BASE COURSE,P.C. CONCRETE BASE,ACHM BASE,BINDER AND SURFACE COURSES,MINOR DRAINAGE STRUCTURES,EROSION CONTROL ITEMS,TRAFFIC SIGNAL ITEMS AND MISC. ITEMS. ROUTES:6 SECTIONS:2 COUNTY:CRAWFORD 202096 R&D OF PIPE CULVERTS 8.000 EACH 202097 R&D OF BOX CULVERTS 1.000 EACH 210201 UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVATION 7185.000 CUYD 210601 COMPACTED EMBANKMENT 5813.000 CUYD 303107 AGGR.BASE COURSE(CLASS 7)10876.000 TO 309015 P.C. CONCRETE BASE(13" U.T.)174.000 SQYD 401011 TACK COAT 2076.000 GAL 405151 M.A. ACHM BASE COURSE(1.5")8068.000 TON 405322 A.B.(PG76-22)ACHM BASE(1.5")389.000 TON 406151 M.A. ACHM BINDER(1")3672.000 TON 406322 A.B.(PG76-22)ACHM BINDER(1")197.000 TON 407152 MA IN ACHM SURFACE(1/2")2434.000 TON 407332 AB(PG64-22)ACHM SURF(1/2")1.000 TON 407352 AB(PG76-22)ACHM SURF(1/2")152.000 TON 602001 FURNISHING FIELD OFFICE 1.000 EACH 603011 MAINTENANCE OF TRAFFIC 1.000 L.S. 604003 SIGNS 764.000 SQFT 604013 BARRICADES 288.000 LF 604023 TRAFFIC DRUMS 190.000 EACH 604031 FURN.&INSTL.PRCST.CONC.BARR 246.000 LF 604071 ADVANCE WARNING ARROW PANEL 30.000 DAY 604083 VERTICAL PANELS 144.000 EACH 606025 24" R.C.PIPE CULVERTS(CL.3)8.000 LF 606030 30" R.C.PIPE CULVERTS(CL.3)40.000 LF 606035 36" R.C.PIPE CULVERTS(CL.3)30.000 LF 606502 22" 14" RC ARCH PIPE 1310.000 LF 606744 24" SAFETY E.S. C.D.-1 1.000 EACH 606785 22 X 14 SAFETY E.S. C.D.-1 14.000 EACH 606990 SELECTED PIPE BEDDING 200.000 CUYD 606992 SELECTED PIPE BACKFILL 200.000 CUYD 609036 DROP INLETS(TYPE RM)7.000 EAC 609041 DROP INLETS(TY RM SPEC)1.000 EACH 609205 JUNCTION BOXES(TYPE E)1.000 EAC 611003 UNDERDRAIN OUTLET PROTECTORS 4.000 EACH 611004 4" PIPE UNDERDRAINS 500.000 LF 618001 GUARD CABLE 24403.000 LF 618011 GUARD CABLE ANCHOR 82.000 EAC 620001 LIME 25.000 TON 620011 SEEDING 12.470 ACRE 620021 MULCH COVER 29.940 ACR 620030 WATER 1629.200 MGAL 621001 TEMPORARY SEEDING 17.470 ACRE 621021 SILT FENCE 720.000 LF 621031 SAND BAG DITCH CHECKS 150.000 BAG 621051 DROP INLET SIL FENCE 195.000 LF 621151 ROCK DITCH CHECKS 203.000 CUYD 623001 SECOND SEEDING APPLICATION 12.470 ACRE 624001 SOLID SODDING 20.000 SQYD 632001 CONCRETE ISLAND 24.000 SQYD 634201 CC CURB&GUTTER-A(1'6")184.000 LF