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Electrical Work Project Case Study in Arkansas

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of electrical work projects in Arkansas are also available.

Project Overview

Start Date:2004-02-01
Estimated Value:Not Available (develop your own cost estimate with RSMeans Online)
The cost to build electrical work in Arkansas depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location

City:Hot Springs
Address:Hwy 7

Project Type

Building Category:Electrical Work, Pavement Markers
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Electrical Work, Pavement Markers, Miscellaneous Civil 202001 R&D OF CURB 237.000 LF 202043 R&D OF ASPHALT PAVEMENT 107.000 SQYD 20204 R&D OF CONCRETE ISLANDS 73.000 SQYD 202072 R&D OF WALKS 39.000 SQYD 401011 TACK COAT 13.000 GAL 405151 M.A. ACHM BASE COURSE(1.5")30.000 TON 405312 A.B.(PG70-22)ACHM BASE(1.5")1.000 TON 407152 MA IN ACHM SURFACE(1/2")10.000 TON 407342 AB(PG70-22)ACHM SURF(1/2")1.000 TON 603001 MAINTENANCE OF TRAFFIC 1.000 L.S. 604003 SIGNS 144.000 SQFT 604023 TRAFFIC DRUMS 29.000 EACH 604061 REMOVAL PERM.PVMT.MARK. 2094.000 LF 604062 REMOVAL PERM.PVMT.MARK-WORDS 1.000 EACH 604063 REMOVAL PERM.PVMT.MARK-ARROWS 3.000 EACH 632001 CONCRETE ISLAND 84.000 SQYD 633001 CONCRETE WALKS 27.000 SQYD 634102 CONCRETE CURB(TYPE B)164.000 LF 634201 CC CURB&GUTTER-A(1'6")41.000 LF 641006 WHEELCHAIR RAMPS(TYPE 3)12.000 SQYD 641008 WHEELCHAIR RAMPS(TYPE 5)11.000 SQYD 701128 SYSTEM LOC. CONTRLR.-TS2 TY2(8PH.)1.000 EACH 702302 LOCAL RADIO WITH ANTENNA 1.000 EACH 704416 ANTENNA CABLE(TYPE 6)53.000 LF 706039 TRAF SIG HEAD,LED,(3SEC,1WAY)11.000 EACH 707002 PEDESTRIAN SIGNAL HEAD,LED 2.000 EACH 708008 TRAFFIC SIGNAL CABLE(5C/14)1014.00 LF 708022 TRAFFIC SIGNAL CABLE(12C/14)469.000 LF 708038 TRAFFIC SIGNAL CABLE(20C/14)148.000 LF 708207 ELEC.COND-IN-CONDUIT(1C/8-EGC)453.000 LF 708211 ELECT. COND. IN CONDUIT(1C/12ECG)50.000 LF 708217 ELEC.COND.-IN-CONDUIT(2C/6)58.000 LF 708451 ELECT.COND. FOR LUMINAIRES 68.000 L 709002 GALV.STEEL CONDUIT(1.25")15.000 LF 710002 NON-METALLIC CONDUIT(1.25")43.000 LF 710004 NON-METALLIC CONDUIT(2")91.000 LF 710005 NON-METALLIC CONDUIT(3")311.000 LF 711102 CONCRETE PULL BOX(TYPE 2,HD)5.000 EAC 714046 T.S.M.ARM&PL.W/FND(46')2.000 EACH 714360 T.S.M.ARM&POLE W/FND(52-32)1.00 EACH 714723 LUMINAIRE ASSEMBLY 1.000 EACH 715001 TRAFFIC SIG.PED.POLE W/FND. 2.000 EACH 719001 THERMO.PVMT.MARK-WHITE-4" 770.000 LF 719003 THERMO.PVMT.MARK.WHITE(8")550.000 LF 719005 THERMO.PVMT.MARK.WHITE(12")311.000 LF 719006 THERMO.PVMT.MARK.WHITE(24")67.000 LF 719101 THERMO.PVMT.MARK.YELLOW(4")960.000 LF 719201 THERMO.PVMT.MARKING(WORDS)3.000 EACH 719202 THERMO.PVMT.MARKING(ARROWS)4.000 EACH 733001 VIDEO DETECTOR 6.000 EACH 733026 VIDEO PROCESSOR-6 CHANNEL 1.000 EACH 733030 VIDEO CABLE 968.000 LF 601001 MOBILIZATION 1.000 L.S.