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Electrical Work Project Case Study in Alabama

This project information is pulled from our archive of hundreds of thousands of construction projects. Use it to research ideas and potential partners for your own project. Additional examples of electrical work projects in Alabama are also available.

Project Overview

Estimated Value:$11,714,000
The cost to build electrical work in Alabama depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one,

Project Location


Project Type

Building Category:Electrical Work, Aircraft Hangars
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Electrical Work Baldwin Co.; Constructing The Fog Warning System Repair On I-10 Across Mobile Bay. Length 10.661 mi.; 600A000 1 LS Mobilization 734A009 1650 LF Cable OSP,Loose Tube,12F SM 734A012 700 LF Cable OSP,Loose Tube,36F SM 734A015 87470 LF Cable OSP,Loose Tube,72F SM 734B007 4840 LF Drop Cable OSP 12F SM Central Core 734E021 3080 LF Buried Duct HDPE SDR11 2" 734E023 905 LF Buried Duct HDPE SDR11 3" 734E037 6450 LF Conduit PVC Schedule 80 2" 734E038 120010 LF Conduit PVC Schedule 80 3" 734F001 7 EACH Distribution Hardware PFDU 72 Fiber 734F003 2 EACH Distribution Hardware SFDU 24 Fiber 734F005 66 EACH Distribution Hardware SFDU 6 Fiber 734F010 1 EACH Equipment Racks And Bays 734G005 38 EACH Splice Closure,Aerial With Trays 734G009 1170 EACH Splicing,Fusion 734G100 2 EACH Splice Closure,Undergrade,12 Fiber 734H012 51 EACH Patch Cord Simplex SM ST 3 Meter 734H025 260 EACH Patch Cord Duplex SM,ST To FC 2 Meter 734H026 6 EACH Patch Cord Duplex SM,ST To FC 5 Meter 734I900 36 EACH ITS Cabinet,303 Pole Moun 734I901 16 EACH ITS Cabinet,336S Base Mount 734I910 1 EACH ITS Cabinet,Double Crossover 734I911 1 EACH ITS Cabinet,Single Crossover 734J000 11 EACH Commbox F 734J004 110 EACH Pull Box(36" x 36" x 24 ")Alum 734N050 60 EACH Ethernet Field Switch,Type A 734N051 6 EACH Ethernet Field Switch,Type B 734N052 1 EACH Ethernet Gigabit Network Switch 734N900 29 EACH Video Encoder 734N901 29 EACH Video Decoder 734S100 16325 EACH Conduit Hanger,Special Bridge Mount 734T110 1 LS Testing,Fiber Optic Systems 734T120 1 LS Training,Fiber Optic Systems 737A10 5 EACH Dynamic Mess Sign Full Matrix Walk In 737A101 2 EACH Dynamic Mess Sign Full Matrix Front Aces 737A102 24 EACH Dynamic Mess SIgn Full Color Led 4x5 737A103 2 EACH Dynamic Mess Sign Color Blankout 4x5 737T110 1 LS Testing,Dynami Message Sign 737T120 1 LS Training,Dynamic Message Sign 737T130 1 LS Software Integration,Dynamic Mess Sign 738A001 22 EACH CCTV Camera,Fixed 738A010 27 EACH CCTV Camera Assembly,PTZ 738B030 8 EACH Pole,Relocate Light Pole For CCTV 738T110 1 LS Testing,CCTV 738T120 1 LS Training,CCTV 738T130 1 LS Software Intergration,CCTV 739B010 23 EACH Radar Vehicle Detection Assembly 739T110 1 LS Testing,Radar Vehicle Detection 739T120 1 LS Training,Radar Vehicle Detection 739T130 1 LS Software Integration,Radar Vehic Detec 740B000 1757 SQFT Construction Signs 740C000 109 SQFT Special Construction Signs