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Grasspave and Gravelpave Porous Paving

Product Overview



Grasspave² and Gravelpave² are porous paving products designed to provide homes, buildings and offices with stormwater and environmental enhancements. Grasspave² with Hydrogrow Mixture is a living turfgrass alternative to asphalt and concrete for traffic bearing surface applications. Combining recycled raw materials, sound structural engineering and proven horticultural methods, this porous paving system performs the functions of pavement with the aesthetics of a grass lawn.

Designed for intermittent to moderate low-speed traffic, the Grasspave² system consists of a series of rings with a flexible grid and Hydrogrow, sod or hydroseeding. The rings provide stability for outstanding load bearing strength; the grid provides stability, flexibility and continuity for large areas, and Hydrogrow increases turf quality (density, color) and enhances root development. Grasspave² uses include:

  • Overflow, Stadium and Event Parking
  • Church parking
  • Fire lines
  • Grass shoulders
  • Golf cart paths
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Helicopter landing and airplane transport areas

Features, Advantages

  • Pervious load bearing surface
  • Stormwater pollution filtration
  • Airborne dust capture and retention
  • High strength-to-weight load-bearing capacity
  • Compatibility with asphalt aisles
  • Supports vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • 92% root area for best health
  • Maximum porosity, with zero to low runoff
  • Vertical flexibility over natural terrain
  • Fast, low cost installation
  • 100% post-industrial recycled plastic



Gravelpave² is designed to provide heavy load bearing support and true containment of gravel for unrestricted traffic volume. The Gravelpave² system consists of a base course with a ring and grid structure and injection-molded geotextile fabric and is designed to contain fine gravel while preventing the particle migration and rutting traditionally associated with gravel driveways, roads, parking lots and pathways. Gravelpave² is a true porous pavement, reducing runoff, preventing non-point source pollution and providing urban heat island mitigation. Its uses include:

  • Parking & Handicap Parking
  • Automobile and Truck Storage
  • All service and access drives
  • Loading docks
  • Boat ramps
  • High-use pedestrian areas
  • Helicopter landing and Airplane transport areas

Features, Advantages

  • Low maintenance, reliable surface with excellent drainage
  • Easy accessibility; no rutting
  • Easily handles storm water from an intense storm dropping 3" (76 mm) of rain in less than 1/2 hour
  • No puddles or mud
  • Excellent traction
  • Natural appearance
  • Ideal for remote locations where installers have to carry materials
  • Resist UV exposure
  • Non-biodegradeable


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