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Cool Coatings for Metal Roofing
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Coil and Extrusion Coatings

Product Overview

Product Description, Applications

DURANAR fluoropolymer coil coatings are 2-coat systems formulated to provide excellent performance against weathering in normal environments. Suited for applications such as as storefronts, curtainwalls, windows and louvers, DURANAR coatings are highly resistant to chalking, chipping, peeling and fading and protect against chemical staining and environmental stresses such as dirt, UV and acid rain. The coatings are available in a wide range of earthtone colors and offer excellent color consistency panel to panel compared to anodic finishes.

DURANAR SPF fluoropolymer coil coatings provide outstanding aesthetics, durability and long term IR reflectivity in normal environmental conditions. Suited for applications such as roofing panels, siding, column covers, gutters and trim, Duranar SPF infrared reflective coatings meet Energy Star® reflectance limits established for low and steep slope roofing products.

PPG Coatings & Resins also offers DURANAR PLUS, a 2-coat system for aggressive environments, DURANAR XL PLUS, a 3-coat system for severely aggressive environments and DURANAR XLE, a 3- or 4-coat system, offered in bright exotic colors and metallics, for normal to aggressive environments.

CORAFLON MC coil coatings are 2- or 3-coat fluoropolymer coatings that provide an automotive-quality finish with bright colors and a high gloss finish. Available as coil coatings, extrusion coatings or field applied spray coatings, CORAFLON products are an excellent choice for gas station buildings, pylons, canopies, building panels, roofs, doors, decks, signs, billboards, poles, truck trailers, exterior light fixtures and fences.

Features, Advantages


Available in a wide range of colors
Offer exceptional resistance to chemicals, humidity and ultraviolet light
Prevent chalking, fading, chipping and peeling
Provide outstanding color and gloss retention
Low maintenance
Meet AAMA 2605 standards
Available with a 20-year warranty

Provide exceptional resistance to marring, abrasion
Offer excellent color and gloss retention
Deliver long-lasting finish
Resist environmental abuse
Meet AAMA 2605 standards

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