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Electronic Safety and Security

Electronic Safety and Security products focus primarily on the electronic aspect of safety and security systems. As an example, a card key device that provides access control in hotels activates the locking mechanism of the door by electronic means. However, the locking mechanism itself, while designed for the purpose of security, is door hardware in its most basic form.

Examples of electronic safety and security products can include:

    • Intrusion detection: Electronic burglar alarm and perimeter protection hardware, software and equipment.
    • Electronic access control: Controls and monitors facility access by electronic means. Examples include electronic operators that open and close security gates.
    • Electronic surveillance: Includes closed circuit video surveillance equipment, as well as electronic personal protection systems that announce the need for assistance.
    • Electronic detection and alarm: Controls, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), alarms, logic systems and sensors designed to alert and/or notify inhabitants, firefighting professionals or security authorities when fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, radiation, fuel gas, fuel oil or a refrigerant is detected.
    • Electronic monitoring and control specific to detention applications, such as prisons, psychiatric facilities, juvenile detention centers.

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