Designed for construction professionals, RSMeans educational programs are aimed at improving cost estimating, project management, administration and facilities management skills. Seminars are intensive two-day programs complete with workbooks, reference materials and instructors with decades of experience.

Seminar coursework covers a variety of subject matter, including Advanced Project Management and Life Cycle Costing for Facilities. RSMeans seminars are approved for Continuing Education Units by both the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems (AIA/CES) and AACE International Certification Board.

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RSMeans Conceptual Estimating using CostWorks CD

Use the leading industry data and a powerful software package to develop highly accurate conceptual estimates for your construction projects.

RSMeans Construction Cost Estimating: Concepts and Practice

The class has been developed as a primer for taking RSMeans Unit Price, Facilities, Mechanical & Electrical, or Square Foot/Assemblies estimating classes. It establishes the basics that will be necessary to fully benefit from other classes. It can also be used as a refresher for the professional, who has added duties for estimating or budgeting.

RSMeans CostWorks CD eLearning

RSMeans one day CostWorks CD eLearning from 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern time

RSMeans Facilities Construction Estimating Seminar

With the economy in turmoil and every dollar expected to do the work of two, it's more important than ever to manage your budget at every stage. Facilities Construction Estimating will give you the tools you need to maintain financial control over every project by generating reliable estimates at every stage -- from initial go/no-go decision to final unit cost estimate -- in less time than you'd think.

RSMeans Maintenance & Repair Estimating for Facilities

This two-day course teaches attendees how to plan, budget, and estimate the cost of ongoing and preventive maintenance and repair for existing buildings and grounds.

RSMeans Mechanical & Electrical Estimating using CostWorks CD

Gain valuable cost - and time-saving techniques, using CostWorks CD for your mechanical and electrical estimating.

RSMeans Online eLearning

Train from the convenience of your office with this one day RSMeans Online eLearning Class

RSMeans Unit Price Estimating

This interactive two-day seminar teaches attendees how to interpret project information and process it into final, detailed estimates with the greatest accuracy.