Total value of Manitoba construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Tender Phase:$12,673,385,380
Tender Phase:$101,450,000
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Tender Phase:$3,784,970,000
Tender Phase:$4,500,000

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Sample Manitoba Construction Projects

Sample Manitoba Project Leads in the Planning Phase:

HOSPITAL ALTS: Thompson General Hospital Medical Device Reprocessing Dept $2,000,000
HOSPITAL ALTS: Portage Regional Hospital $2,000,000
Retail Building: Outlets of Seasons $20,000,000
BORDER CROSSING DEVELOPMENT: Emerson Port of Entry $10,000,000
ARENA $2,500,000

Sample Manitoba Project Leads in the Bid Phase:

 Bid Date
Defense Building Alts 2015-07-07
Transmission Line Construction 2015-07-09
Wharf: Dauphin River Harbour 2015-07-10
Recreational Bldg Alts: Winton Pool 2015-07-08
Institutional Bldg Alts: Agassiz Youth Centre for Youth 2015-07-09

Sample Manitoba Project Leads in the Post-Bid Phase:

High-Rise Apartment Bldg Alts $500,000
Well Remediation: Bipole III Keewatinohk Converter Station $200,000
Educational Bldg Alts: University of Manitoba - Medical Rehabilitation Bldg $55,000
Subdivision: Lake St Martin First Nation New Community Site Development n/a

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