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Bid Opportunities

Total value of US construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$992,089,646,526
Bid Phase:$17,730,241,364
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$157,916,537,905
Bid Phase:$8,405,914,935

Construction Bid Opportunities

In today's market, every job counts. We know how important it is to find every project you're specified on, identify where your competitors are getting specified, and get the information you need to drive higher specification rates and maximize sales. Our powerful lead solutions deliver the tools and information necessary to enhance marketing programs and drive higher profits.

The following is a sample list of projects that are coming up for bid throughout the United States. The list is updated weekly, so check back here often. This list represents just a handful of the tens of thousands of projects we have in our database.

Construction Projects

Bid Opportunities in Alabama:

Bid Date
West Gadsden Area Community Storm Shelter Project 2017-05-02
Renovations for the Otts Building 2017-05-02
Wilcox Co Senior Center 2017-05-02
Troy Sportsplex Trail Extension 2017-05-02
Franklin Gap Water Storage Tank 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Alaska:

Bid Date
Sterling Highway MP 58-79 Rehabilitation Skilak Lake Road to Sterling, Sterling Highway MP 60-79 Sterling Highway Kenai NWR Visi 2017-05-03
Campbell Tract Facility Administrative Building Replacement 2017-05-03
South Region Gravel Road Projects 2017-05-04
Trunk Road Extension South phase II 2017-05-01
Alcantra Sport Field 2 Renovation 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Arizona:

Bid Date
Granite Gate Five Star Senior Living 2017-05-03
Old Pecos Wastewater Lift Station Modifications and Force Main 2017-05-01
Airfield Pavement Surface Treatment 2017-05-02
Scrub Seal (Summer - FY 2016 / 2017) in Yavapai County 2017-05-04
Water Treatment Plant Maintenance and Repair Project 2017-05-01

Bid Opportunities in Arkansas:

Bid Date
Construction of a 40,000 SF Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) at the Air National Guard Facilities located 2017-05-02
Stuttgart School District Painting and Renovation 2017-05-03
Construction - 2017 Asphalt Microsurfacing 2017-05-04
Garrison Reddie Cafe - Interior Finish Renovation 2017-05-02
Mcknight Street Sidewalk 2017-05-01

Bid Opportunities in California:

Bid Date
New York House Road over Dry Creek Bridge Replacement 2017-05-03
Widen Off-ramp, Modify Signals, Upgrade Curbs and Sidewalk 2017-05-03
Forsythe Creek Bridge Replacement on Reeves Canyon Road 2017-05-04
Ulta Beauty #244 - Grand Plaza / San Marcos 2017-05-05
Painting Projects at Various Sites - Amelia Earhart Elementary School, James Monroe Elementary School, La Quinta High School 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Colorado:

Bid Date
9350 Teddy Lane DCSD Tenant Improvement 2017-05-05
Sherwin Williams / Denver 2017-05-05
FEMA Flood Mitigation - Bid Pack Two 2017-05-02
Shoe Palace / Lone Tree 2017-05-05
Samuels Jewelers #787 - Flatiron Crossing / Broomfield 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Connecticut:

Bid Date
Replacement of Highway Signing on I-84 in the Towns of Southington, Plainville 2017-05-03
Goodwin Elementary School 2017-05-04
Electric Division Truck Storage Facility 2017-05-02
Residential Sound Insulation Program - Phase 3 2017-05-05
Single Family Housing Rehabilitation 2017-05-05

Bid Opportunities in Delaware:

Bid Date
Pavement And Rehabilitation, North III, 2017 2017-05-02
Open End Construction Contract, Statewide Trails NCC FY17 - FY19 2016-10-25
US 301, Toll Infrastructure 2017-04-04
John DIckinson High School - Track Rehabilitation 2017-05-04
Water Main Replacement - 2017 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Florida:

Bid Date
Branan Fields Rehabilitation Center 2017-05-03
Gulf Harbour Yacht & Country Club Wellness Center 2017-05-01
Resurfacing 2017-05-02
County Road 210 at County Road 2209 Intersection Improvements 2017-05-03
NAVAIDS Improvements Treasure Coast International Airport and Business 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Georgia:

Bid Date
FY1704-20 New Oconee County Civic Center 2017-05-04
TIA Band 2 - Roadway Improvements - Mose Coleman Extension 2017-05-04
Dodge County Street & Storm Drainage 2017-05-03
Removal and Replacement of Pneumatic Tube System 2017-05-02
Patching and Resurfacing - Annex Parking Lot 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Hawaii:

Bid Date
Rehabilitation of Streets, Unit 86, Farrington Highway 2017-05-05
Long Drugs # 10988 - Pharmacy Building / Makaha 2017-05-02
Kawailehua (Federal) Unit Modification, HA 1086 2017-01-04
Civic Center Improvements Civic Center Parking Structure Rehabilitation Prioritized Structural Improvements 2017-05-05
Frank Fasi Municipal Building - Basement to the 16th Floor Radio Room Electrical Feeder Upgrade 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Idaho:

Bid Date
Concourse C Passenger Boarding Bridge C-11 2017-05-03
Irrigation Piping Extension Project 2017 2017-05-04
Repair Life Safety Deficiencies Bldg 2422 2017-05-03
Dworshak Dam Lower Boneyard and Hatchery Equipment Storage Sheds 2017-05-04
Repaving of and Paint Striping of the Parking Lots 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Illinois:

Bid Date
Laraway Community Consolidated School District 70C - New Elementary School BR 2.0 2017-05-04
2016 CDBG Program 87th Place and Kenneth Avenue Reconstruction Project 2017-05-03
2017 CDBG Alley Paving 2017-05-03
Anytime Fitness / Wheaton 2017-05-03
City of West Frankfort 9th Street Sidewalk Improvements 2017-05-05

Bid Opportunities in Indiana:

Bid Date
Woodburn Hall Steam Service Repairs 2017-05-04
Calumet Campus - Lawshe Hall Rooms 338-348 Provost Suite Renovation - 2017 2017-05-04
Outdoor Running Track Replacement and Refurbish 2017-05-03
New Construction of Sugar Creek Fire Station No. 42 2017-05-04
William Henry Harrison Residence Hall - Partial Renovation Exterior Metal Panels 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Iowa:

Bid Date
Design-Build Consolidated Support Functions (CSF) 2017-05-01
Medical Laboratories - Renovate Suites 1160 and 1170 2017-05-03
Mount Ayr Press Box Renovation 2017-05-04
H.M.A Resurfacing 2017-05-03
Sudlow Intermediate School Additional Parking 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Kansas:

Bid Date
Runway 13-31 Reconstruction Project - Phase 2 2017-05-04
College Heights Road and Quivera Drive Stormwater Improvements 2017-05-02
Johnson Drive and Mund Road Stormwater Pipe Repair Project 2017-05-03
Shawnee Mission School District Operations Facility - Merriam 2017-05-04
Lincoln Central Elementary Canopy Replacement 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Kentucky:

Bid Date
Camp John Currie Dining Hall 2017-05-02
Edmonson County Schools - Various Projects n/a
Walmart Supercenter #1510-229 - Entertainment of the Future / Florence 2017-05-02
Patient Care Facility - Construction and Final Cleaning 2017-05-02
Indoor/Outdoor Target System and Installation 2017-05-01

Bid Opportunities in Louisiana:

Bid Date
Airport Lighting Vault at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport 2017-05-01
Eastern Saint Bernard Water System Improvement Project 2017-05-02
Aspen Dental / Lafayette 2017-05-04
Cecilia Primary - Parking Upgrades and Bus Drive 2017-05-03
Fire Sprinkler System Evaluation and Repair Mulder Hall - Louisiana State University 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Maine:

Bid Date
Pavement Milling, Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay, Ultra Bonded Wearing Course with Drainage and Safety Improvements 2017-05-03
Large Culvert Replacement 2017-05-03
Kittery Memorial Circle Improvements and Route 1 Shared Use Path Improvements 2017-05-04
Limestone, ME Phase IV Replacement Sewer and Separation Project 2017-05-03
Mapleton Pulcifur Road Culvert Replacement 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Maryland:

Bid Date
RFP 2017-079 Needs Assessment Senior Center Expansion and or Renovation 2017-05-03
S806211 SPS Facility Generator Replacement Phase 11 2017-05-02
T-0177-1940 - Light Rail - Patapsco Avenue Station Pavement Repairs 2017-05-02
Bituminous Concrete Street Resurfacing 2017-05-03
IFB #17-FP-08 Asphalt Walkway Repairs 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Massachusetts:

Bid Date
Scheduled and Emergency Pavement Repairs, Resurfacing and Related Work at Various Locations in Areas A, B and C 2017-05-02
Repair, Maintenance and Painting Work at Boston Centers for Youth Families (BCYF) Mirabella Pool and Bathhouse 2017-05-01
Culvert Replacement - Berlin Road 2017-05-01
Lexington High School Nurses Office Renovation - General Bid 2017-05-04
Paving at 5 Developments 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Michigan:

Bid Date
Wastewater Treatment Plant Secondary Treatment System Upgrades Project 2017-05-01
Milks Drain Improvements 2017-05-04
Cold Milling and HMA Pavement 2017-05-03
JCPenney Sephora #2067 - Westwood Mall / Jackson 2017-05-05
Fordham Street Playfield Improvements 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Minnesota:

Bid Date
CSAH 47 To 273rd St 2017-05-04
Green Haven Parkway Phase 1 2017-05-02
Clinton Falls Bridge Replacement 2017-05-04
Bridge Removal, Construction of RCBC with End Sections, Grading, Rip Rap, Aggregate Surface and Erosion Control 2017-05-04
Lakeville, MN Well Nos. 21 and 22 Contract B - Water Utilities and Site Construction (LAKEV 139208) 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Mississippi:

Bid Date
Greenville Early Action Contract 4b n/a
Architectural Services - Pass Christian Public School District - Rebid n/a
Cold Water CTE Building Renovation 2017-05-04
Carriage Hills Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 2017-05-02
SAP-64(18)S Base Repair, Levelling Slurry Seal, Striping With Raised Pavement Markers and Signage 2017-05-01

Bid Opportunities in Missouri:

Bid Date
Dora Safe Room Classroom additions 2017-05-02
Street Improvements 2017-05-02
Illinois Street Over Fall Creek Bridge Re-deck 2017-05-02
2017 Parking and Sidewalk Construction 2017-05-02
Service Road Repair (RDP near Wilmore Park) (IR) 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Montana:

Bid Date
Plug and Reclaim Goeddertz 1 Well 2017-05-04
Police Evidence Facility Construction Manager At-Risk 2017-05-04
East Peach Street Reconstruction Project 2017-05-02
4th Avenue East Water Replacement Project 2017-05-04
Kootenai National Forest, Fortine Ranger District, Edna BMP Project 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Nebraska:

Bid Date
Omaha Public Schools - Norris Middle School Classroom Addition and Renovation BP #3 2017-05-02
Eagle Ridge - 2017 Paving Maintenance - Sanitary and Improvement District No. 143 2017-05-03
Sanitary Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation - Various Locations 2017-05-04
CSO: Monroe Outfall Sewer Separation 2017-05-03
S1227 Retaining Wall Switchgear Building Foundation Ducts 2017-05-05

Bid Opportunities in Nevada:

Bid Date
Virginia City and Gold Hill Wastewater Improvement Project 2017-05-04
Marble Bluff Dam and Fish Passage Facility - Radial Gate Rehabilitation 2017-05-05
University of Nevada Las Vegas Flamingo Auxiliary Building (FAB) Fire Separation, Subdivision of Sprinkler System and Minor Stru 2017-05-03
Rehabilitate Airport Pavement, Update Runway Markings and Install Tie-Downs Project 2017-05-01
ADA Upgrades at Incline High School 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in New Hampshire:

Bid Date
Pease ANGB, Newington NH, KC46A ADAL Airfield Pavements and Hydrant and Repair Aircraft Parking Apron 2017-05-02
Pavement Rehabilitation on I-89 in Grantham and Enfield 2017-05-04
Maintenance Garage Foundation Addition 2017-05-02
Seabrook School District Water Service - 2017 2017-05-03
Reconstruct the Railroad Crossing on Foster Street 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in New Jersey:

Bid Date
Life Safety Upgrade Project 2017-05-02
Camping Shelters - Belleplain State Park 2017-05-02
2017 Gloucester County Roadway Safety Project 2017-05-04
2016 Curb and Sidewalk Improvement Project, Community Development Block Grant Taylor Avenue Waterfront Park Sidewalk and Curb In 2017-05-04
Vauxhall Meeting Center 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in New Mexico:

Bid Date
Construction Cost Proposal for Site Development and Construction of Phase IV at Biology and Chemistry Building 2017-05-02
Atrisco Drive SW Corridor Improvement Phase III 2017-05-02
20th Street Extension Improvements Project 2017-05-03
Shiprock Vehicle Shop Upgrade 2017-05-04
Water Well 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in New York:

Bid Date
Construction Services for Build Out Project - 26 Federal Plaza 2017-05-01
Medical Library Simulation Center 2017-05-04
Upgrades at Dawnwood Middle School 2017-05-04
Hillside Lake Water Quality Improvement Project 2017-05-05
Debruce Environmental Education Camp - Pavilion 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in North Carolina:

Bid Date
Charlotte Convention Center Renovations Construction Manager-at-Risk 2017-05-04
Bridge Replacement on SR 2022 (Linville Road), Bridge #108 2017-05-04
Replace and Modify Existing Sidewalk, Install Curb Ramps and Crosswalks and Replace Signal Pole 2017-05-04
VPP-Repair Damaged Sidewalk Building 486 2017-05-03
Walmart Supercenter #1774-220 - Money Center / Sanford 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in North Dakota:

Bid Date
Street Improvement District No. 513 Phase B and Water Utility 2017-05-02
Water Main Replacement, Force Main Construction, Street Reconstruction and Incidentals 2017-05-03
Minot - 30th Avenue Gravity Sewer Phase I 2017-05-01
Spencer Township Grade Raise 2017-05-03
Grand Forks WTP Industrial Park Sanitary Lift Station No. 47 2017-05-01

Bid Opportunities in Ohio:

Bid Date
Energy Conservation Project 2017-05-01
Seneca Parkside Central and Woodlands Campground 2017-05-04
Glenway - Grand to Quebec Water Main Replacement Project 2017-05-03
Construction of Hanby Park Development Project 2017-05-02
Mechanical System Improvements Phase 2 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Oklahoma:

Bid Date
Claremore Regional Airport GCM Runway and Taxiway Rehabilitation 2017-05-03
Asphalt Paving 2017-05-01
Ulta Beauty #1251 - The Shops at Broken Arrow / Broken Arrow 2017-05-03
Sallisaw Municipal Airport (JSV) Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation 2017-05-05
Northeastern State University B and T Room 129 Remodel 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Oregon:

Bid Date
Middle Hillsdale RDII Pilot Project - Laterals 2017-05-02
Southwest 20th Street Water Line 2017-05-04
F Street (West of Mill Street) Sanitary Sewer Replacement 2017-05-04
Concrete Reservoir Rehabilitation Project 2017-05-02
Wood Village Northeast Stanley Street, Northeast Holt Court Water Line and Street Improvements 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Pennsylvania:

Bid Date
Moraine State Park Access 2017-05-04
SR 3015 Group Bridges 2017-05-04
South 4th Street Bridge 2017-05-04
Paving, Road Materials, Line Painting Upper Mount Bethel Township 2017-05-05
Phase One Athletic Facility Improvements - Central Valley High School 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in Rhode Island:

Bid Date
Statewide Bridge Repairs Contract No. 4 2017-05-03
Gutter Restoration State Police Headquarters - State Police 2017-05-02
Hall Locker Renovations 2017-05-02
Veteran's Junior High- HVAC, New Elevator, & Electrical Enabling Project 2017-04-24
2017 Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade 2017-04-24

Bid Opportunities in South Carolina:

Bid Date
York County Government Center 2017-05-02
Williams Brice Stadium - Adding Stair at Section 10 2017-05-04
Hunting Island State Park - Entrance Paving 2017-05-05
Walmart Supercenter #1037-225 - Money Center / Summerville 2017-05-03
Walmart Supercenter #1748-234 - Money Center / Charleston 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in South Dakota:

Bid Date
CRST Medical Clinic Parking Lots 2017-05-04
26th Street and Minnesota Avenue Intersection Reconstruction 2017-05-04
Concrete Flooring And Apron - Pre-Engineered Pole Building Structure 2017-05-01
Overlay Project 2017-05-02
Structure & Approach Grading 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Tennessee:

Bid Date
Nell Dossett Parking Lot Expansion 2017-05-03
North Apron Trench Drain and Pipe Repair 2017-05-04
Middle Tennessee State University Floyd Stadium Ribbon Boards 2017-05-03
Contractor and Steel Building for Weakley County Highway Department 2017-05-03
Chilled Water Pump Upgrade for Music City Center 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Texas:

Bid Date
Yale Marketplace 2017-05-01
Const Nb Exit and Ent Ramps and Tie-in 2017-05-02
Arby's - S. Loop W. / Houston 2017-05-01
North Silsbee Drainage Improvements 2017-05-04
Cement Silo Access Stairs and Platform 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Utah:

Bid Date
2-Phase Design Build Precision Guided Missile (PGM) Maintenance Facility at Hill AFB, UT 2017-05-05
Olive Garden #6406 / Spanish Fork 2017-05-02
Wingstop #T169 / Riverdale 2017-05-01
Asphalt Seal Coat and Crack Seal 2017-05-03
400 North Raised Planter Median Construction 2017-05-01

Bid Opportunities in Vermont:

Bid Date
Pownal-Bennington NH RMBL (3) Bennington-Wilmington NH SURF (51) 2017-05-05
Ferrisburgh STP 2035 (16) Ferrisburgh STP 2035 (17) Ferrisburgh STP 2035 (18) 2017-05-05
Oak Creek Culvert Replacement 2017-05-04
Shelburne STP BP14(5) US 7 and Falls Road Sidewalks 2017-05-02
Peoples Academy - Stairs - Morrisville 2017-05-02

Bid Opportunities in Virginia:

Bid Date
Food Lion #372 / Kilmarnock 2017-05-02
Renovations to Falling Creek Center (former Nursing Home) 2017-05-03
Saluda Residency Office Building 2017-05-04
Arcola Area Headquarters Chemical Storage Building 2017-04-10
Toms Brook Area Headquarters - Chemical Storage Building 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Washington:

Bid Date
East 40th Street Green Infrastructure - Mckinley Avenue to Portland Avenue Water Main Replacement Project 2017-05-02
Sammamish Landing ADA Access Improvements 2017-05-02
East Section Street and South Laventure Road Traffic Signal 2017-05-04
238th Street Southwest Walkway Project 2017-05-02
West Main Street (SR 12) Sidewalk Project 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in West Virginia:

Bid Date
2017-05 Street Milling and Resurfacing Project. 2017-05-01
Brooke Hills Park Cabin Development Project 2017-05-02
Wastewater System Rehabilitation - Monongahela National Forest 2017-05-04
Lorrie Yeager Parking Lot Paving, Sealing 2017-05-04
Monongalia County Courthouse Plaza Rehabilitation 2017-05-03

Bid Opportunities in Wisconsin:

Bid Date
Steam Turbine Generator Overhaul 2017-05-03
Howard Commons Apartments Roadway and Utility Project 2017-05-04
Walmart Supercenter #3488-226 - Remodel / Burlington 2017-05-02
Board Room Remodel Fox Valley Technical College 2017-05-03
Historic Lodge Shelter Remodel 2017-04-18

Bid Opportunities in Wyoming:

Bid Date
Cheyenne Vamc Community Living Center 2016-02-29
Slurry Seal Project 2017-05-02
Landmark Drive Surface Restoration 2017-05-02
Pine Bluffs High School Gym/Voc-Ed Building Exterior Refinish 2017-05-04
Desert School at Wamsutter Security Vestibule Upgrade 2017-05-04

Bid Opportunities in District of Columbia:

Bid Date
Construction Management Services for the Consolidated Forensic Laboratory 2017-04-20
Department of Homeland Security Security Fence Completion Saint Elizabeths West Campus, South East Washington DC 2017-05-02
NCR-NAMA: George Mason Hardscape Rehab 2017-05-01
Hitchcock Hall, Adaptive Reuse Building 37, St Elizabeths West Campus, SE, Washiington, DC 2017-04-11
CVS Pharmacy #10415 / Washington DC 2017-04-27