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Bid Opportunities

Total value of US construction projects currently in our database:

Commercial Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$992,089,646,526
Bid Phase:$17,730,241,364
Civil Projects (value)
Pre-Bid Phase:$157,916,537,905
Bid Phase:$8,405,914,935

Construction Bid Opportunities

In today's market, every job counts. We know how important it is to find every project you're specified on, identify where your competitors are getting specified, and get out ahead of bidding construction projects. This information will help you drive higher specification rates and maximize sales. Our powerful lead solutions deliver the tools and information necessary to enhance marketing programs and drive higher profits.

The following is a sample list of bidding construction projects throughout the United States. The list is updated weekly, so check back often. This list of projects coming up for bid represents just a handful of the tens of thousands of project leads we have in our database.

Construction Projects for Bid

Bid Opportunities in Alabama:

Bid Date
Stanhope Elmore High School Renovations -Phase I 2018-04-26
Liquid Paving and Resurfacing 2018-04-25
SR 605 Water Line Improvements 2018-04-26
Fairhope Library Envelope Repairs 2018 2018-04-24
L.E.D. Lighting Retrofit for Hampton Cove Elementary/Middle School 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in Alaska:

Bid Date
Alaska Hwy MP 1309 Tok River Bridge Repl 2018-04-24
Mat-Su Area Roads Pavement Preservation (Group C) 2018-04-25
Healy Transfer Station 2018-04-24
2018 Area Wide Paving 2018-04-26
Shoal Cove Improvements 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Arizona:

Bid Date
Christian Brothers Automotive / Gilbert 2018-04-25
Taylor Hall FLS Renovation on the Campus of Northern Arizona University 2018-04-27
Lift Station No. 47 Civil and Electrical Improvements Design-bid-build 2017-08-22
Town of Colorado City (Johnson Avenue, Central Street, Arizona Avenue) 2018-04-27
Reconstruction of One (1) Family Dwelling 2018-04-23

Bid Opportunities in Arkansas:

Bid Date
Osceola Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements 2018-04-26
Elevated Water Storage Tank - City of Hot Springs n/a
Valentine Asher to 25th 2018-04-25
Raywood - Autumnbrook Sidewalk 2018-04-24
Pot Hole Repair, Sealing and Striping Multiple Parking Lots 2018-04-23

Bid Opportunities in California:

Bid Date
Prequalification Statements for Orange Coast College Student Union Building 2018-04-27
Seaside High School Track and Field Renovation Project 2018-04-24
Columbia Middle School Parking Lot 2018-04-23
Walmart Supercenter #2735-231 - Online Grocery Pickup / Sacramento 2018-04-24
2018 Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement Project 2018-04-16

Bid Opportunities in Colorado:

Bid Date
Appleton Elementary School Upgrade 2018-04-25
MOD Pizza - Ralston Creek / Arvada 2018-04-27
Yosemite Street and Caley Avenue Right Turn Lane Extension Project 2018-04-26
2018 Contract Street Maintenance - High Density Mineral Bond 2018-04-25
2018 7th Street Reconstruction - North Avenue to Orchard Avenue 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in Connecticut:

Bid Date
Sanitary Sewer Extension Project - Contract No. 1 2018-04-26
Aldi #45 / Lisbon 2018-04-23
District Wide Infrastructure Project 2018-04-26
Maintenance Rehab Upgrades and Onsite Services for Flottweg C7E Decanting Centrifuges and Related Systems 2018-04-26
Depot Campus Maintenance Building C Upgrade 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Delaware:

Bid Date
Design-Build Combined Support Maintenance Shop 2018-04-27
SR 273 Sidewalk, Old Baltimore Pike to Eagle Run Road 2018-04-24
Caesar Rodney School District - Caesar Rodney High School Deferred Maintenance 2018-04-26
Delaware Technical Community College Wilmington Playground Renovation 2018-04-25
Berth 6 Rehabilitation and Warehouse C Modifications 2018-04-20

Bid Opportunities in Florida:

Bid Date
Publix #1651 - Grove Park / Lakeland 2018-04-26
Resurfacing 2018-04-25
NW 19th Street From SR-7 to SR-845/Powerline Road - 431665-1 - Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) n/a
PW1507 North WTP High Service Pump Replacement Project 2018-04-24
Ulta Beauty #1372 - Dania Pointe / Dania Beach 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in Georgia:

Bid Date
Construction of the North East Senior Center 2018-04-24
Forest Drive Retaining Wall Replacement 2018-04-25
Cosmetology Lab Renovation 2018-04-26
Cook Out / Valdosta 2018-04-25
Southwest Elementary School Chilled Water Piping Replacement 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Hawaii:

Bid Date
Keaau Elementary School - Miscellaneous R&M for FY17 GEMS 2018-04-25
Pavement Repairs at Piers 19, 24 and 32, Honolulu Harbor 2018-04-26
Repair Siding at Pier 2 Shed, Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai 2018-04-26
Install Wheel Stops at Storage Yard, Hilo Harbor 2018-04-26
Tennis Court Resurfacing at Wells Park and Kahului Community Center 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Idaho:

Bid Date
Addition for Station 3, and Construction of a New Station 4 2018-04-26
Hobby Lobby / Twin Falls 2018-04-24
Idaho Street and Brown Drive Reconstruction 2018-04-26
Suspension Bridge Sewer Forcemain Replacement - Bonners Ferry 2018-04-25
Birch Lift Station Rehabilitation 2018-04-25

Bid Opportunities in Illinois:

Bid Date
Qcomm911 Dispatch Center 2018-04-24
Expansion Joint Replacment, Concrete Overlay and Other Bridge Repairs on SN 037-0029 and SN 037-0030 2018-04-27
Schon Park Phase 2 Improvements 2018-04-27
Reconstruction of Marshall Avenue 2018-04-27
Asbestos Removal and Building Demolition Services 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Indiana:

Bid Date
Delta High School and Site Improvements Additions and Renovations 2018-04-26
Aldi #07 / Kokomo 2018-04-26
Duneland School Corporation-2018 Renovations- Chesterton Middle School 2018-04-23
Water Pollution Control Plant Pond 3 Sample Line Improvements 2018-04-24
2018 Interior Renovations Main Library 2018-04-23

Bid Opportunities in Iowa:

Bid Date
Wastewater Treatment Facilities Improvements 2018-04-26
Top-O-Hollow Substation Improvements - City of Ames n/a
Hunt Elementary School Site Improvements Project Bid Package 1 - Site Improvements and Street Reconstruction 2018-04-24
Delwood Early Learning Center Addition Project 2018-04-26
American Gothic House Building Envelope Repairs 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Kansas:

Bid Date
Corporate Hills Marriott Remodel 2018-04-24
Rossville Grade School New Classroom / Safe Room Additions 2018-04-24
Street Repair Project - Central Park Neighborhood 2018-04-24
2018 CIP Street Maintenance 2018-04-25
Fiske Hall HVAC Replacement 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Kentucky:

Bid Date
Range Operations Expansion, Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center Greenville 2018-04-25
Friendly Park Sewer Extension 2018-04-25
Asphalt Resurfacing 2018-04-27
Bridge Painting and Cleaning 2018-04-27
Stairwell Repair/Replacement 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in Louisiana:

Bid Date
New Press Box for Zachary High School 2018-04-27
Timberland Pump Station Improvement Project 2018-04-26
Tennis Facilities Improvements 2018-04-26
Modifications to Building 71 and Globalplex Conveyor Systems 2018-04-10
New 14 Inch, 190 Horsepower Submersible Influent Pump 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Maine:

Bid Date
Maintenance and Operations Building 2018-04-25
Royal Heights and Dike Street Sewer Extensions 2018-04-24
Pavement Rehabilitation, Guardrail, Drainage, and Clear Zone Improvements MM 74.9 TO MM 80.7 2018-04-24
Pavement Milling, Placement of Hot Mix Asphalt and Ultra-Thin Bonded Wearing Course, with Drainage and Safety Improvements 2018-04-25
Fort Williams Park Basketball Court 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Maryland:

Bid Date
Wet Basin Infrastructure Fairfield Marine Terminal 2018-04-23
AL2975180-Replacement of Bridge No. 0100800 on MD 36 over Jennings Run 2018-04-26
Freight Rail - Federalsburg Engine House Safety Improvements 2018-04-26
Burger King #11450 / Hagerstown 2018-04-24
Build-A-Bear - Arundel Mills / Hanover 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Massachusetts:

Bid Date
Roadway Improvements at Various Locations - 2018 2018-04-26
Roadway Reconstruction and Related Work along a Section of Harding 2018-04-24
Fire Protection Upgrades of the Halifax Elementary School - General Bid 2018-04-26
Sullivan Building Attic Insulation 2018-04-26
Town of Tisbury - Annual Pavement Works 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Michigan:

Bid Date
Grandville Public Schools - Middle School Repaving 2018-04-25
2018 Concrete Replacement Program 2018-04-26
Cooley Mortimer E Building Building Number 1000403 Replace Front Entrance Doors Bidpack 01 - Construction 2018-04-27
Kensington Nature Center Exhibit - Design, Fabricate and Install Services 2018-04-25
Sidewalk Trip Elimination Services 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Minnesota:

Bid Date
Bridge Replacement No,32575 and approach grading 2018-04-27
19th Street Reconstruction 2018-04-24
Milling, reclamation, pedestrian curb Ramps, and Bituminous Paving 2018-04-24
2018 Mill and Overlay Program 2018-04-26
Saint Cloud State University 2018 Tunnel Repairs 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Mississippi:

Bid Date
Overlay of SR 4 2018-04-24
Mill and Overlay of SR 19 2018-04-24
Five Below / Gulfport 2018-04-27
Construction on John White Road 2018-04-24
Countywide Paving Project - 2018 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Missouri:

Bid Date
Lee 's Summit Medical Center CT Addition and Fast Track 2018-04-25
Clark County R-1 School District - Concrete Paving 2018-04-26
Surface Project 4008 - Virginia Avenue to Iowa Avenue and 20th Street to 15th Street and Minnesota Avenue to Ohio Avenue and 20t 2018-04-24
Boonville Soccer Complex - Soccer Netting 2018-04-27
Concrete Sidewalk Replacement Project 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Montana:

Bid Date
Butte Area One - Parrot Tailings Removal, Bid Package #1 - Phase I and IIA 2018-04-27
BLM Building and Site Construction 2018-04-24
Cut Bank Phase 3 Water System Improvements 2018-04-26
Cobleigh Hall Labs 602 and 620 Renovation 2018-04-26
Curb/Gutter and Sidewalk Improvements - CDBG Invest Health Sidewalks 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in Nebraska:

Bid Date
2018 Street Improvements 2018-04-24
Giles Ridge SID 225, Sarpy County - 2018 Street Repairs 2018-04-25
Arterial Resurfacing 2018-04-23
Applied Armor Coat 2018-04-24
Hillside Rows Townhouse 2018-04-18

Bid Opportunities in Nevada:

Bid Date
Roadbed Modification, Cold Mill, and Place Plantmix Bituminous Surface With Open Grade 2018-04-26
USGS 500 and 800 Buildings Remodel 2018-04-27
STMGID Arrowcreek BPS Main 2018-04-24
UNLV Police Station Improvements 2018-04-25
McCarran Market Place Park - Soccer Fields Turf Replacement - Rebid 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in New Hampshire:

Bid Date
Grove Street Parking Improvements 2018-04-26
Sagamore Pump Station Upgrade 2018-04-25
CM Services Philbrook Dining Hall - Kitchen Modifications 2018-04-23
Pillsbury Cemetery Phase 3-A Improvements 2018-04-26
Vinyl Siding and Carpentry Repair Services 2018-04-25

Bid Opportunities in New Jersey:

Bid Date
Reconstruction of Bridge R-11 on Laurel Avenue Over Waackaack Creek 2018-04-25
Resurfacing and Associated Improvements for Maple Stream Road Between Brooktree Road and Oak Creek Road and Heathwood Drive Betw 2018-04-25
Site Improvements at Folwell School 2018-04-25
Kitchen Upgrades at Robert L. Wilentz and Edward J. Patten Elementary Schools 2018-04-25
Mount Bethel Methodist Church Phase II- Building Envelope Restoration 2018-04-25

Bid Opportunities in New Mexico:

Bid Date
Granado Street Improvements Project, Phase I 2018-04-26
Mill Road Improvements 2018-04-24
Traditional Design build Services (Pre-Manufactured Modular Building) 2018-04-26
Nmsu-FY-17-18 Parkin 2018-04-26
Vans #193 - Cottonwood Mall / Albuquerque 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in New York:

Bid Date
Reconstruction at McEvoy Educational Center 2018-04-25
Forest Hills High Schools ( Queens) - Facade Repairs/ Exterior Doors 2018-04-24
Corlears Hook Park Comfort Station Reconstruction 2018-04-25
New York NY Church St Station Security Project 2018-04-25
North Salem 2018 Pequenakonck Elementary School and Bus Garage 2018-04-23

Bid Opportunities in North Carolina:

Bid Date
Replacement of Bridge 315 over Durham Creek 2018-04-25
Grading, Drainage, Curb and Gutter, Paving, Sidewalk 2018-04-25
Pedestrian Improvements including Sidewalk and Signal 2018-04-24
Exterior Stairway - Rick Rhyne Public Safety Building 2018-04-27
Bridge Preservation - Deck Overlay, Prestressed Girder Repair, Joint Seal Replacement and Substructure Repair Bridge No. 30 2018-04-19

Bid Opportunities in North Dakota:

Bid Date
Storm Improvement District No. 4065, Storm Sewer Improvements and Lift Station 2018-04-26
Odor Control Improvements 2018-04-25
Gravel Roadway Improvements 2018-04-23
Paving 1085 Parking Lot Repair 2018-04-23
Walmart Supercenter #1695-224 - Apparel Reinvention / Devils Lake 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Ohio:

Bid Date
Wastewater Treatment Plant Refurbishment 2018-04-27
Courtroom #8 Renovation at the Lucas County Court 2018-04-26
Cedar Hill Cemetery Road Resurfacing and Repairs 2018-04-24
2018 Community Development Block Grant Street Resurfacing Project 2018-04-24
Coitsville Fire Station Concrete Driveway Replacement 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Oklahoma:

Bid Date
Asphalt Overlay (South Avenue) 2018-04-23
Asphalt Overlay (Hubbard Road) 2018-04-23
Burn Unit - 3740 North Birmingham Avenue - Rehabilitation at Mohawk Manor (73-06) 2018-04-26
Taxiway and Taxilane Extension 2018-04-27
Street and Drainage Improvements 2018-04-25

Bid Opportunities in Oregon:

Bid Date
Oak Grove Elementary School Improvements 2018-04-26
Crown Zellerbach Gates Improvements 2018-04-25
2018 Pavement Maintenance Program 2018-04-25
I-84/Graham Road Waterline Relocation 2018-04-24
Van Vleet and 9th Avenue Sewer Relocation 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Pennsylvania:

Bid Date
(OB04) Fleming Park Bridge 2018-04-26
SR 64/Big Fishing Creek Br 2 2018-04-26
SR 125 Mine hole 2018-04-26
2018 Road Reconstruction Project 2018-04-23
Pavement and Grounds Facilities 2018-04-19

Bid Opportunities in Rhode Island:

Bid Date
Exterior Restoration -RIO of the Attorney General 2018-04-25
Exterior Restoration Project RI Office of the Attorney General Building 2018-04-26
Improvements to Railroad Street 2018-04-27
Safe Routes to School - Contract 1 2018-04-25
Rodman Hall Exterior Improvements Phase I University of Rhode Island 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in South Carolina:

Bid Date
South Carolina Army National Guard - Greenwood Armory Renovations 2018-04-26
Adkins WTF Chemical Feed Line Improvements 2018-04-26
Comprehensive Airfield Drainage Improvements - Lowcountry Regional Airport (RBW) 2018-04-25
FY18 Gravity Sewer and Manhole Rehabilitation Project 2018-04-26
Hayne Laboratory - Replace Clean Steam Boiler 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in South Dakota:

Bid Date
Columbia Circle Drainage Channel Improvements 2018-04-26
Meade County Asphalt Maintenance 2018-04-25
Davidson, Repairs to Diesel Tank Farm at University of South Dakota 2018-04-25
Avera Classroom Laboratory Renovations 2018-04-24
South Dakota State Penitentiary - Training Academy Exterior Upgrades - Roof Replacement 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Tennessee:

Bid Date
2017-2018 Water Treatment Plant Capital Improvements 2018-04-24
Mooneyham Road over Harbin Branch 2018-04-26
Apron Pavement Rehabilitation 2018-04-24
Paving Project 2018-04-26
New Quad-Plex Summer Oaks Development 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Texas:

Bid Date
Southeast Sector 2.0 MG EST and Waterline Improvements Project 2018-04-24
Water Line Extension, Paving, Grading and Storm Sewer Outfall to Serve Summer Park Parcel A 2018-04-24
Construction of the Katy Crossing Wastewater Treatment Plant Serve Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 495 2018-04-26
Sherlock Drive Storm Drain Improvements 2018-04-24
Construction, Collin County Aggregate Rinse Stations 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Utah:

Bid Date
MP12A - 700 South Capacity Upgrades - 4650 West to 3400 West 2018-04-27
South Weber Drive Pipeline Replacement Project 2018-04-25
DWR Farmington Bay Office Building Replacement - 18173520 2018-04-26
LDS Print Center Building Chiller #3 Replacement 2018-04-27
Concrete Wall Staining 2018 2018-04-24

Bid Opportunities in Vermont:

Bid Date
Montpelier-Waterbury IM Surf (59) 2018-04-27
Meadow Run and Forest Run Homeowners Association Stormwater Treatment Facilities n/a
Muckross State Park Access Road Improvement and Bridge Replacement Project 2018-04-27
Construction of the Dowsville Road Culvert Replacement 2018-04-26
Removal and Replacement of Damaged Ceiling Tile, Light Fixtures, Wall Section, Carpet 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in Virginia:

Bid Date
Fairfield Area Library 2018-04-24
Inova Center for Personalized Health - CFB Level 1 Sports Medicine 2018-04-24
SGR - Bridge Superstructure Replacement 2018-04-25
Bath County High School Parking Lot Improvements 2018-04-25
Metro Diner / Chesapeake 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in Washington:

Bid Date
Borst Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project 2018-04-26
University of Washington Bothell Campus Corporation Yard Design-Build Services 2018-04-26
Selah Intermediate School Vestibule and Snow Melt and Selah High School Vestibule 2018-04-24
Ferry Terminal Structural Steel Repair 2018-04-24
County Road Project No.3193 2018-04-25

Bid Opportunities in West Virginia:

Bid Date
Elkins Rail-Trail Connector Project 2018-04-23
Clark Hall 402 Renovation 2018-04-24
660 North High Street Renovation (Augusta Hall) 2018-04-27
Lewisburg City Hall - Historic Facade Repairs 2018-04-26
Scale House Modifications Mercer County Sanitary Landfill 2018-04-27

Bid Opportunities in Wisconsin:

Bid Date
2017 Bond - Doty Elementary School - Green Bay Area Public School District 2018-04-25
Olive Garden #1237 / Brookfield 2018-04-24
2018 Alley Improvement 2018-04-24
Eagles Ridge Park Gazebo 2018-04-26
Paving - Daytona Lane 2018-04-26

Bid Opportunities in Wyoming:

Bid Date
Pavilion Temporary Fire Station and Fire/EMS Station 1 Expansion 2018-04-26
Blair's Market / Worland 2018-04-24
Mitchell Street Waterline Replacement 2018-04-24
Carbon County Youth Crisis Center Building Addition 2018-04-24
2018 Sidewalk Project 2018-03-22

Bid Opportunities in District of Columbia:

Bid Date
Design-Build Services For Eastern Market Metro Park 2018-04-17
Design/Build Services for Digital Pioneers Academy 2018-04-27
Bishops / Washington 2018-04-25
SMS: Multiple Award Construction Contracts (MACC) at Various Locations Within NAVFAC Washington AOR 2018-04-10
China Cafe Carry-Out Restaurant - ALTERNATE 2018-04-18