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cubus is a dynamic, interactive business intelligence solution that gives you instant visibility into the construction market. Using live project information, cubus effortlessly delivers insight into market size, market penetration, product demand and your competition. You can drill into the multidimensional database at any time to view the projects driving the results.

Eliminate competitive uncertainty

Identify your competition’s strategies, strengths and weaknesses. Compare your specification share versus your competitors’. Detect and counter competitive threats.

Increase market effectiveness

Gain actionable insight to maximize the potential for investment success. Identify profitable customers to target Discover high-growth markets for targeted campaigns Determine which projects should move forward.

Unlock market potential

Break away from the status quo with maximum return on investment. Identify new development activities. Pinpoint existing and new market opportunities. Identify and evaluate mergers and acquisitions activities.


Sophisticated, yet visual and intuitive. Simply generate the reports you want when you want them, without having to call and request changes. Requires no up-front set-up or preset terms.

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