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Reynolds & Reynolds Electronics, Inc.
649 East Green Street
Allentown, PA 18109
(610) 691-2224
(610) 691-2869

Reynolds & Reynolds Electronics, Inc.

In 1989, Reynolds & Reynolds Electronics, Inc. (R&R) recognized a need. People were getting trapped in elevators when normal building power was lost. To solve the problem, the company patented a battery backup unit for hydraulic elevators. Since then, R&R has grown its product offerings and is a leading supplier in the elevator industry. Primarily sold under the Powervator® brand, the company’s main products include Emergency Return Systems / Battery Backup for traction and hydraulic passenger / freight elevators (single and three phase models), Emergency Brake Release (EBR) units, and elevator Door Controllers. R&R products are sold through independent elevator contractors and major elevator manufacturers (OEMs). They can be installed in new and existing elevator applications.

In buildings, Battery Backup improves passenger safety by addressing the anxiety associated with entrapment that may lead to passengers prying doors open, people jumping between floors, etc. It also helps to reduce the liability associated with the entrapment of professionals who have billable hours and / or who may perform critical functions.

In buildings with generators, building owners and architects are challenged to balance emergency power loads on motor generators when new lighting systems, phone systems, computer systems and specialized equipment requiring uninterrupted power are installed. Powervators free-up a maximum of 4kW of generator power per elevator for other uses, while still allowing passengers to safely exit elevators during power outages. R&R Powervators save building owners money by accomplishing this for a fraction of the cost of a new or larger motor generator.

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