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Quick Tie Products, Inc.
4141 Southpoint Drive East, Suite B
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 281-0525
(800) 397-5542

Quick Tie Products, Inc.


Quick Tie Products, Inc. manufactures tie-down systems for uplift and shear loads in wood framed single-family, multi-family, senior living facilities, hotels, and military housing nationwide. The Quick Tie relates generally to wood frame building structures, and more particularly to structures exposed to extreme wind and/or seismic conditions where building codes dictate that these structures be protected against structural failure and/or to save lives of occupants. This safe and secure engineered system installs fast, meets model building codes, and has been successfully used on thousands of wood structures.

The Quick Tie system is installed in an exterior and/or interior load bearing wall after the building is framed. A simple galvanized wire rope with threaded studs (bolts) swagged to each end, furnished with a square washer(s) and nut(s) is installed into an epoxy filled, field drilled hole into the bottom plate and the concrete footer (or floor). The upper end continues upward to the top plate through field-drilled holes in the wall framing, terminating with the large washer, nut and specialized field tightening. When properly installed, the Quick-Tie anchor will resist uplift forces on the structure and will aid in resisting the sliding and overturning forces acting on the shear walls.

Quick Tie systems are easy to inspect, less expensive than conventional ties, and faster than labor-intensive straps that bulge drywall. Also, Quick Ties are designed to a pre-stressed load to resist design forces and will allow zero movement until the forces applied (wind or seismic) reach the pre-stress load.

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