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5 ways to improve the safety of roofing projects


Robert Small -

We all are in construction business or alternative businesses linked to construction. When it comes to safety, we have to take extra care. The biggest cause of injuries in our industry is the falls, and ⅓ rd of them are from the roofs. There are numerous hazards in the job including those associated with handling hazardous materials, working in heights, electricity, extreme temperature, power tools and noise. Identifying any threats and take necessary steps to address them can help in keeping the roofers safe at work site. The dumpster rental service has this article - 5 ways to improve the safety of roofing projects - in their blog on which I will brief here. 1. Fall Protection Training: With proper fall protection and training, roofers will be able to better understand hazards and prevent them. 2. Warning Lines and Safety Monitors: In absence of proper safety gears, working on sloppy roofs are dangerous. Employers should see that all roofers are provided and trained in using the different safety measures and instruments. 3. Cover Openings: In for a proper usage, the covers should be able to hold the size of double of the roofer for in cases it can help from not falling off roofs. 4. Safe Debris Removal: If debris is not maintained properly, It can pose a threat to fall on the workers in the ground, or pose a trip hazard for the roofers. 5. Personal Protection Equipment: Though the usage will not prevent completely, it can secure the roofers. The employers should make sure that the roofers are well trained on using these PPEs. And Finally PLAN, PROVIDE and TRAIN.

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