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Austin, Texas Building Codes

This building codes section is undergoing maintenance. For the most up-to-date building codes, you can go directly to

Building Codes References

• Austin offers special one-number notification for all utilities for excavation. Contact Dial Before You Dig, (512) 472-2822. Visit and click development.
Code TypeCode ModelAmendment Contact
Building/Dwelling CodeIBC 2009
IRC 2009
Byron Kurka, (512) 974-2348 and online
Structural CodeIBC 2009
IRC 2009
Byron Kurka, (512) 974-2348 and online
Plumbing CodeUPC 2009Dan McNabb, (512) 974-2752 and online
Mechanical CodeUMC 2009Dan McNabb, (512) 974-2752 and online
Electrical CodeNEC 2008Alex Verver, (512) 974-6476 and online
Accessibility CodeState of Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS)Secretary of State’s Office, (512) 463-5561 and online
Energy Code2009 IECCFor state amendments contact: General Services Commission at (512) 463-1931. For local information contact, John Umphress at (512)482-5303.

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)

Authorities Having Jurisdiction are those government officials who are the final authority on questions in a particular area (or jurisdiction).
Jurisdictional AreaContact
StructuralTim Langan
Builidng Plan Review
Phone: (512) 974-2385
PlumbingMonty Lowell
Plumbing Plan Review
Phone: (512) 974-2882
MechanicalLalo Sanchez
Mechnical Plan Review
Phone: (512) 974-2538
ElectricalLee Verver
Electrical Plan Review
Phone: (512) 974-6484
AccessibilityMike Heitz
Building Official
Phone: (512) 974-3433
Historic PreservationBarbara Stockton
Phone: (512) 974-2414
Fire MarshalKevin Baum
Assistant Fire Marshal
Phone: (512) 448-2455
Fax: (512) 441-3339
CivilDevelopment Assistance
Phone: (512) 974-6370
ZoningGreg Guernsy
Phone: (512) 974-6370
City AttorneySandora Jefferson
Phone: (512) 974-2000
Public WorksLeon Barba
Phone: (512) 974-2000
Parks/RecreationJesus Alverez
Phone: (512) 974-2000
AviationJim Smith
Phone: (512) 974-2000

Other Building Codes