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Building Codes

Anchorage, Alaska Building Codes

This building codes section is undergoing maintenance. For the most up-to-date building codes, you can go directly to

Building Codes References

Code TypeCode ModelAmendment Contact
Building/Dwelling CodeIBC, 2009 IRC, 2009Building Safety Division
(907)-343-8211 online
Structural CodeIBC, 2009Building Safety Division
(907)-343-8211 online
Plumbing CodeUPC, 2009Building Safety Division
(907)-343-8211 online
Mechanical CodeIMC,2009Building Safety Division
(907)-343-8211 online
Electrical CodeNEC, 2008Building Safety Division
(907)-343-8211 online
Energy CodeIEC, 2006Building Safety Division
(907)-343-8211 online

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)

Authorities Having Jurisdiction are those government officials who are the final authority on questions in a particular area (or jurisdiction).
Jurisdictional AreaContact
StructuralBuilding Safety
Phone: (907) 343-8211
PlumbingBuilding Safety
Phone: (907) 343-8211
MechanicalBuilding Safety
Phone: (907) 343-8211
ElectricalBuilding Safety
Phone: (907) 343-8211
AccessibilityBuilding Safety
Phone: (907) 343-8211
EnvironmentalEnvironmental Services Dept.
Phone: (907) 343-4200
Fire MarshalFire Prevention
Phone: (907) 267-4958
ZoningBuilding Safety
Phone: (907) 343-8211
PlanningBuilding Safety
Phone: (907) 343-8211
City AttorneyDennis Wheeler
Municipal Attorney
Phone: (907) 343-4545
Public WorksAlan Czajkowski
Maintenance & Operations
Phone: (907) 343-8340
Parks/RecreationJohn Rodda
Director of Parks and Recreation
Phone: (907) 343-4355
Fax: (907) 343-4318
AviationDavid Lundeby
Director, Merrill Field
Phone: (907) 343-6305

Other Building Codes

Building codes are also available for these other Alaska municipalities: