Data Integration Services

Coming soon!

Reed's data integration services allow your company to export summary level project data from Reed Insight for use in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Salesforce Automation (SFA) solutions. Data can be exported daily, weekly, or on a customized scheduled in multiple formats.

Improve productivity

Data integration allows customers to establish searches in Reed Insight and automatically export data that matches specific criteria. Spend less time searching, and more time selling.

Effectively deploy resources

Centralize pipeline and sales lead management by quickly establishing customized searches for individual sales territories. Eliminate the need for manual assignment of leads by territory or the hassle of unnecessary duplication of efforts.

Find the right projects

Data integration gives you the flexibility to decide which export fields are relevant to your business needs. Exported projects also have associated company information, so you know who’s bidding on the project as well as who the key participants are.


Link back to Reed Insight for full project information. Seamlessly integrate relevant project news data with your existing systems. Receive automatic updates on previously exported projects.